Our Favorite Travel Posts for 2016

This year took us all over the world.  We went to several African countries for our annual volunteer vacation, and we went to southeast Asia to meet Little Miss.  In between there were trips to Europe and Iceland, and spots in the USA.  We had a busy travel year with a lot more to follow in 2017.  We hope you enjoy reliving our favorite travel posts from this year.  We will start out with Botswana.  Although we did go to four African countries, Botswana was the highlight.

Botswana - The 2 Seasons

Our Trip to Botswana


Our trip to Iceland - The 2 Seasons

Our Trip to Iceland


Namibia - The 2 Seasons

Our Trip to Namibia


Biking in Germany - The 2 Seasons

Bicycling in Germany



Fallingwater - The 2 Seasons

My Trip to Falling Water


Oregon trip - The 2 Seasons

Our Quick Trip to Oregon


We love to travel, but there is no place like home.  We are going to finish up the week with a our favorite healthy recipes from 2016.  Maybe you will find one or two to give you a jump start to a healthy new year.