Little Miss -7 Months Home

Seven months……how has it been seven months?  Our little family of three has been together since April, and it is just hard to believe.  We have had a fun month with Thanksgiving, and now the Christmas season upon us.  Did I say how much I love this girl and being a family of three?



(Milking the “cow” at the children’s museum.  The cow used to scare her, and now she has faced her fears.)



We continue to work on our attachment and do little games to continue our bond.  It is so important in the adoption world to not stop these attachment activities even when we think our children have attached to us.  Simple little games such as peek-a-boo and doing “Row, Row Your Boat” as a family help with bonding.  Now anytime the song “Row, Row Your Boat” comes on Pandora, she runs to the living room to sit together and row the boat as a family. It is amazing how these little activities make a difference.  Play and silly games likes these are how we really started seeing her personality and watch her get comfortable with us as a family.



(Feeding an Ostrich at Lazy 5 Ranch.)



Well, my little lady isn’t a big lover of chocolate candy.  She likes chocolate chips or chocolate in a dessert but a chocolate candy bar, not so much.  She gets really excited when she does get one.  She looks at it, says chocolate, smells it likes she is really going to savor every bite, takes one bite, says  “good” and then pushes it away and says, “all done.” She has such self control when it comes to chocolate!

She does continue to give every food a try which is awesome. Right now she is loving  tacos, and I think it is because she is obsessed with the book Dragons Love Tacos.




(Cuddling with Gracie by the fire.)



It is so fun to see a child learn a language and start putting words and sentences together.  When she gets her point across with words, she is so proud.  When she doesn’t, she let’s us know she is frustrated.  We are back to calling Gracie “Dog”, and she is very good at giving commands to Gracie such as sit, drop it, leave it, good girl.  The two of them are just too cute together.  She is talking a lot more when we are on Skype with my parents, and I know they love it.



(Watching the construction and all the big trucks.)



Playing outside and visiting the children’s museums in the area continue to be a big hit.   She recently discovered bouncy houses, and she really enjoyed them. She hops around our house all the time and acts like a frog, so she was in heaven in a bounce house.  Anytime she can help in the kitchen, she is right there on a stool beside me. Cooking gets her so excited which gets me excited.  A lot of construction is happening on our street right now, and it is amazing how those big trucks and building equipment provide so much entertainment.  She is also now into Katy Perry and enjoys a good dance party.  Her foster mother told us she loved music, and it is so true.  We all get in on the dance action.  We play music on the Amazon Echo, and after a song she goes over and says “Amazon stop.”  She is picking up on how to use the device.  Pretty soon she might be ordering things from Amazon.




(Decorating a tree in her room.)

Travel and Holidays


Thanksgiving was a blast, and we had lots of family in town. I can tell she is now very comfortable in her home, and she was at ease, even with a full house.  After our big meal we decided it would be fun to play the game Pie Face.  Little Miss was very concerned and not a fan of even watching the game.  Maybe next year she will enjoy watching our faces get sprayed with whipped cream.  If you need something light-hearted for your holidays, it is a fun game for all ages.   We took a lot of the family back to the Lazy 5 Ranch where we went for her birthday.  She loved it even more this time around.  All ages love this place. It is so much fun.  Right now she is really enjoying all the Christmas lights on houses.




(Helping decorate her first Christmas tree.)



Oh, Gracie is such a good sport.  We have always done hand commands for sit and down and Little Miss knows those commands now and is always giving them to Gracie.  Little Miss does say good girl when Gracie listens to her, which isn’t that often. Lately anytime we leave, she let’s Gracie know she will be back and that she loves her.  She blows her kisses and then pretends to catch the one that Gracie supposedly blew to her.  It is just adorable.  Gracie was the first one Little Miss told she loved on her own so I think she has a soft spot for our family dog.  I think Gracie has a soft spot for Little Miss when she drops food.



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  1. says

    So precious! It is amazing to watch them grow and adapt. A friend’s youngest (they have 5, 4 biological) was not quite two when she arrived and now is in 3rd grade. The change is amazing!! This will be a very special Christmas for you all.

  2. Linda says

    You are extraordinary people and Little Miss is a very lucky young lady. Bless you all. Sending you the very best wishes for your New Year!

  3. Cindi says

    Love seeing how well she is adapting. The picture of Little Miss and Gracie on Gracie’s bed in front of the fire reading is darling. Rubbermade and Stelite make a wonderful 2 step stool that is steady and great for “help” at the kitchen counter.

    Have a memorable 1st Christmas with your darling daughter


  4. Jan S says

    I treasure your updates. They are all gifts but this one was a wonderful Xmas present. I’m so happy for your family. There’s nothing like seeing the world unfold through a child’s eyes.

  5. Rosalie says

    Lucky child to have such loving parents enfold her into their hearts. Enjoy that precious first
    Christmas ……blessings to all of you and extended family. Merry Christmas

  6. Karen says

    Such a sweet update. So happy she is blossoming under your loving care. Christmas will be such fun for all of you. Keep updating us, love them!

  7. Carolyn Rasnick says

    So cool to read how she is changing and growing. Love her darling clothes and can’t wait to see her from the front! Wont’ be long now before she can be a full fledged blog starlet!!
    Know this will be an amazing Christmas for you all and one that you have dreamed of for quite a long time!
    Merry & Happy!