A Christmas Table and More

When I wrote Monday’s post about our Christmas tree fail, I mentioned that I decorated other parts of the house and added some poinsettias and candles.  It’s almost embarrassing for me to show you these photos for a few reasons.  There are so many absolutely breath-taking homes out there in Blogland that are so beautifully decorated that ours pales by comparison.  Also,  if you are regular blog readers, then it is possible that you are tired of seeing Christmas decorations by now.  I think they started appearing a few days after Halloween.  I am not complaining…….I just want to prepare you that our decorations aren’t really blog worthy, but they are the ones we have and the ones we use and the ones we enjoy.


Christmas table - The 2 Seasons

 I have always loved a pretty table, and I set a table for two for Mr. Right and me.  The rattan charges are used for all seasons because I love them.  They are topped with a gingham dinner plate that I use for all red holidays.  The plaid salad/dessert plates are new this year.


Christmas table - The 2 Seasons

We were given the red checked scarf when we were in Cambodia, but it makes a great table runner.  It is topped with placemats from Pomegranate.  All mixed up, everything looks great together since they share the same colors.  It’s my kind of table.


Christmas table - The 2 Seasons

 The napkins are dish towels that I bought at a small village’s market day when we were doing a bicycle ride in France.  Dish towels always make good napkins.


Christmas painting - The 2 Seasons

I painted the candle.


Christmas tea cup - The 2 Seasons

The coffee cup belonged to my grandmother who died before I was born.


Christmas - The  2 Seasons

 Christmas - The 2 Seasons

Since I don’t have a tree, I placed bowls of balls around.



Christmas, The 2 Seasons

Christmas - The 2 Seasons


Christmas - The 2 Seasons


Christmas - The 2 Seasons

Christmas foyer - The 2 Seasons

The red lamp that I hacked for July 4 came out for Christmas along with some vintage Christmas postcards that we display every year.



This swag greets visitors in the foyer.


Christmas - The 2 Seasons

My mother painted this Santa.


Christmas - The 2 Season

A Christmas bicycle pillow fits right in.



So does a Santa pillow.


Christmas foyer - The 2 Seasons

Take care.


  1. Bonnie says

    I love your post, not only for the fun decorating ideas, but because I’m so tired of seeing all of the ultra-perfect homes out there in blog-land that most people can’t usually achieve. I enjoy seeing my friends’ homes, and my own, with our favorite Christmas items decking the halls, without it being over-the-top! We all need a reality check, especially at this time of year. Thank you!
    ps: LOVE that Santa pillow! Is that a new find or a family favorite?

  2. Robin says

    Your decorations are always timeless, special and tasteful.
    After 10 months of repairs due to foundation problems, for the first time in my life we didn’t put up a tree, just like you placed some decorations around the house, on the front door and dining table.
    Honestly, I feel much more relaxed and have been taking the time to just stop and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.
    Appreciate you and Jordan for all your neat ideas and know this will be an extra special holiday with your granddaughter.
    Wishing you merry, blessed and healthy holidays!

  3. Pam says

    Janette, We also hung a few favorite ornaments that weren’t balls from the top of our lampshades on our table lamps.

  4. Judy M. says

    I absolutely loved this post. Yes, I am sick of seeing all of those perfectly decorated holiday homes. Your house looks lovely and I especially loved seeing the Christmas coffee cup that belonged to your grandmother. I always look forward to reading your blog. Merry Christmas to you and Jordan. And, a special Merry Christmas to your Little Miss. She is a very lucky little girl!