The Tale of the Kitchen Scale – Revisited

We are late revisiting a post from December of last year, but we thought today would be the perfect day for it.  We chose this particular post to share again because it is about Grandma and Grandad Heitz.  Since Grandma passed away in July, it’s a little harder to read because our emotions are still sensitive to our loss. However, this post does make us smile, and it brings back a good memory.  Enjoy it.


The summer we were married, my husband, Mr. Right, sold strawberries and other fruit as his summer job. He got up very early each morning, drove to a produce farm in another state, and returned in the early afternoon with a load of fruit that he then spent the rest of the day selling. He repeated this action every day until we headed to Europe in the fall where he played professional basketball.

Christmas in the kitchen - The 2 Seasons

He needed a scale to weigh the fruit, and so, his mom bought one for him at the local hardware store. In the world of scales, it was a red and white beauty. It weighed those berries and other fruits and did a fine job.



Christmas in the kitchen - The 2 Seasons

Now, my father-in-law was a good, hard-working farmer who died way too soon. One thing we all knew about him was that he spent his money carefully. He worked hard for it, and he spent it wisely. He made sure to never over pay for anything, but yet he was a generous man.



Christmas in the kitchen - The 2 Seasons

My mother-in-law was a little nervous when she bought the scale because she knew her husband would ask how much she had paid for it. Its was a good scale, and it cost more than your average “run of the mill” scale. So, she made up her mind in advance that she would tell him a lower dollar amount in order to get his approval. Yep, she was going to fib.



Christmas in the kitchen - The 2 Seasons

Sure enough, a few hours after she arrived with the bright red and white scale, he asked the dreaded question, “How much did you pay?” And she told him a number that she thought would get his blessing.



Christmas in the kitchen - The 2 Seasons

He looked at the scale and studied it while we all waited for his response. Then he looked at her and said, “Well, it won’t last because you didn’t pay enough for it.” That wasn’t the result she was expecting, but she was fine with that and probably a little bit relieved. I own that scale now, and none of us ever dreamed that it would one day become part of our Christmas decorations. It is still bright and shiny, and I think she spent just the right amount.



Christmas in the kitchen - The 2 Seasons

It fits right in with the rest of our Christmas in the kitchen decor. I am a traditionalist and always go with red, white, and green. I was able to shop the house and put together a festive look.



Christmas in the kitchen - The 2 Seasons

The only things I needed to purchase were a few miniature Christmas trees and the best smelling candle I have ever had. Everything red, green, and white that I have assembled all are the supporting cast for the star of the show, the red and white kitchen sca


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  1. Donnamae says

    Yes…that’s the perfect story for this bone chilling day…heart-warming! Love all the red and green too! Enjoy your day! 😉