Use Post Cards to Enhance a Side Table

We love post cards around here.  You might remember that my great grandmother, whom I never met, collected post cards when she was a teenager.  I have some of them. Plus, Mom and I have bought them over the years in antique shops.  The latest article we wrote for the Angie’s List blog was about the creative way you can use post cards – new and old – to spiff up a side table.

 Use old postcards for the place cards at Thanksgiving - The 2 Seasons

Don’t forget that post cards make cute place cards for the Thanksgiving table.  So that you won’t ruin them, make color copies of each card you want to use.  Then just write a name on each card and put it by his or her plate.  There’s a tutorial here, but please forgive the photo quality.  We like to think that our picture taking skills have improved since then.


 Use post cards to enhance a side table - The 2 Seasons

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