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We are sitting here side by side at the kitchen table with our computers open. We have been doing some serious online shopping for Christmas, and we found some gifts under $50.00 that you might want to include on your lists for yourself or to give.  Some of these items we love so much that we are sharing them with you a second time because we have mentioned them here already in the past months.   Before we say anything else, we want to mention that we both have Amazon Prime accounts, and it’s the best $99.00 we spend each year.  With this account, all of our shipping for the entire year is covered, and usually our packages arrive the next day.  This is not an ad, but if you are interested in getting fast/free delivery on every order, you might want to sign up.  We should also mention that we do a lot of our shopping in our own neighborhoods, too.  We are all about supporting the small business owner, but if we need to mail a gift/gifts, buying online and shipping them directly to the person saves time during the busy holidays.

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One Man’s Folly is a great decorating book if someone on your list enjoys traditional rooms.  Mom just bought this one after reading about it on another blog.  The text is by Julia Reed whom she heard speak last year at the Bluegrass Antique Show.



The Book of Myself - great gift to preserve memories for future family members. Link in blog. - The 2 Seasons

We are such fans of The Book of Myself that we wrote a whole post about it in August.  It is the perfect gift for any adult on your list because it gives them the chance to write about their lives in their own words.  The grandparents are receiving this as part of their gifts.



 I (Jordan) personally have these slippers, and they are awesome.  I have gifted them to some people before, and they have enjoyed them just as much as I have.  It is a gift that can actually be used, which I think is always good.



I love a good tailgate and have a couple friends who love it, too.   This would be perfect for a little gift for them paired with a bottle of wine.



Luggage tags are a great gift, and these leather luggage tags are heavy duty and stylish.  Flight attendants have even commented on the ones I purchased for Yankee one year.




If someone loves jewelry as much as we do, here is a cute stylish travel jewelry box.



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A scarf is a perfect gift because you don’t have to worry about color or size.  These plaid ones are great!


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Who wouldn’t love a pair of Kate Spade sparkly earrings?  They come in lots of colors and look as if they cost a whole lot more than they do. Some are even on sale now.


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If you have a hard to buy for teenage girl on your list, these would make great stocking stuffers.



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Buy this four-pack of Christmas socks and break it up.  It’s a nice little somethin’ shomethin’ for a Secret Santa gift, an office mate, the mail lady, your favorite barista, teacher, Cub Scout leader, Sunday school teacher, etc.


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 We LOVE this shop!  Everything (monogrammed bracelets and necklaces) that we have ordered from them has been spot on.  They have tons of monogrammed jewelry, but also cute items like these ring dishes.  One would be perfect in the bedroom, and don’t forget about one beside the kitchen sink.  After all, we don’t want to lose our rings when cleaning up the kitchen.


We haven’t forget the boys and men, but we will get to them another day.  We’ll give you some time to shop for these items, first.



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  1. Courtney says

    I just ordered these tags and a monogrammed passport cover from Hide & Valor earlier this morning! Phil makes such great looking stuff!