Our New Kitchen Hood

I am so happy to be able to write this post about our new kitchen hood.  To give you the back story, we never had any issue with our kitchen fan and the way it looked.  I liked it, and it was already much fancier than the one in our last house.   Apparently, it had issues with us, though. After about a month after we moved into our house, the fan stopped working.  We had a repair man check it out, and he said it was dead and that the time had come to order a new one.


Painted Kitchen Cabinets

(This before shows the old fan and the back splash before we painted it.)

 One thing we did notice after living in our house was the molding was not centered with the hood.  On the right of the hood it appeared that they ran out of molding, and it always looked a little “off.”  We then started looking at hoods and were shocked by the prices.  So, we decided to buy a hood insert and build our own custom hood.  It turns out that even after buying the insert and the supplies, we saved hundreds of dollars, and we ended up with a new custom hood that we LOVE.


Custom Kitchen Hood

I was lucky enough to marry a really handy guy who can figure out how to make something and then do it.  He is totally self-taught. #keeper  Building a new fan box was all Yankee, and I came in for the painting and finishing touches.  I didn’t take many pictures along the way, but here are a few I took with my phone.  The easy part was installing the new insert fan.  We knew the design would be the same as the design on the cabinets which is Shaker (I think.)



Custom Kitchen Hood

Overall, Yankee didn’t think the project was too hard other than the little details.  The toughest part was the molding and trying to reposition it on our tall ceilings.  It was hard to do in places even with a ladder.



Custom Range Hood

Here the crown molding is back up, and that really started to add the finishing look.  We wanted to add a little shelf to the hood.  Or I should say,  I wanted to add a shelf so I could decorate it.  We also thought corbels would be a nice addition.



Custom Range Hood

Once the shelf and final details were up, then it was my time to really get to work and paint.  It is amazing how much we can get done during nap times on the week-ends.



Custom Range Hood

It is so fresh and airy, and I just love the look.  I also love that our house has a working fan now.



Custom Range Hood

After a few days of not having anything on the mantel, I relocated the FALL bottles from the dining room fall decor to the mantel, and I think they are perfect for fall.



Custom Hood

You also get a sneak peak of our new island.  Since we took these photos, it has gotten its update.  You get to see it soon.



Custom Range Hood

Well, there you have it…. another update to our kitchen.  I love seeing how our kitchen has evolved with really not doing that much other than some paint and a little construction.  It now feels more us.



New House- before

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painting a tile back splash - The 2 Seasons

Custom Hood

I just love it, and the important thing is to love your home.  We are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and this room will be getting quite the work-out.  Thanks for reading and following along in our little kitchen update process.  Next up will be a closer look at our new kitchen island.




How to Build a DIY Custom Hood for your kitchen.


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  1. says

    The kitchen in our Dutch colonial is about 1/2 finished, which is sort of driving me crazy. One of the projects awaiting us is a range hood. I have pinned dozens of them, + they all pretty much like yours. I shall put a platter on the shelf, btw. My spousal equiv, G.O., is like your Yankee. He can do anything that I dream of! Wishing we’d met when we were young! Anyway, good job, + TY for the additional inspiration!

    • says


      We pinned a lot of hoods for inspiration as well. LOVE Pinterest. That is wonderful you have your own Yankee he is already moved on to the next project and I can’t wait to share once it is finished. Good luck with the kitchen!

  2. Beth Lowe says

    I LOVE How Great your Kitchen looks. The balance is so important and you all nailed it!! Good job!!

  3. Linda says

    What a great job! It is just beautiful!! What a lucky gal you are to have your Yankee to do all your creative ideas. Love your kitchen, what a super update!!

  4. Theresia Shearer says

    Like the way the shelving and stile molding broke up the heavy mass of the hood. Good design and execution!

  5. Frances P says

    It looks perfect. And you both did a fabulous job. It looks like is should have looked from the beginning. May I ask, where you got the hammered silver pendants? I’m looking for something just like those…

  6. says

    Hi…Beautiful kitchen. Love a white kitchen. My question is the backsplash and framed design behind the stove appear in the before pictures as tan tile. In the finished pictures, the tile is white along with the framed design over stove. When did you change that out? Before building the new fan box or after ? Was that a big project to accomplish?