The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Happy Saturday.  We have a great fall weekend planned, but first let’s get right to our selections.




A glimpse into the private living quarters at The White House.

The best stainless cleaner - The 2 Seasons (Screen shot from Amazon)

In case you are planning to do some special cleaning for the holidays, we love this for our stainless steel.  We tried a LOT of products, and this one is the best we have come across.  It doesn’t leave streaks.  We use it every week.


Screen shot is megiswell


These Ritz cracker chocolate peanut butter cookies look delicious, and they’re easy!


Screen shot from Amazon

 Mom’s copy arrived, and she said reading it makes her like these two even more.


Screen Shot from Young House Love

We are both listening to these free podcasts, and they are entertaining, informative, and just plain cute.


Screen shot from Veranda

 Read about some historic places and things that are endangered.



Screen shot from BHG

Here are some great tips on what to do with all of those pillows we all own.


Mom and I are going to spend the next week together along with Little Miss.  But first, there’s football.  Go Dawgs!



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