Changing The Kitchen Outlets

When we were on our volunteer vacation last year, our friend Debra, who is a kitchen designer, asked about the kitchen in what was then our new house.  I shared some phone photos with her and told her I was open to any suggestions she could give me. Our kitchen has black granite counter tops, and one of the things she suggested was changing the outlets, which were white, to black so they would blend in.  Changing out the outlets in the kitchen was something I never thought about doing, but as soon as she mentioned it, I knew it would make an improvement.  It’s all about the details, but often times the details make the difference.


Painted kitchen cabinets - The 2 Seasons


This photo shows the kitchen before we painted the back splash and before the outlets were changed on the black granite.  It was a simple fix, and really no one would probably notice except us.


Changing out outlets in house.


Changing out your outlets

The kitchen is loaded with ten outlets.  It is a little obsessive, but after coming from our old house that didn’t have enough outlets, I would rather have too many.  The cream color plates popped right out against our black granite.



Changing out your outlets

Changing out your outlets

This wasn’t bothering anyone, and I am sure Yankee and I were the only ones who noticed, but with the new change, now people will think we only have seven outlets in our kitchen!!!!

 New kitchen electrical outlets - The 2 Seasons

Can you see our new outlets?  I know.  They are barely visible.  We took this photo before we changed the lights and the hardware, so stay tuned for updates on them.


Colored Outlet Covers


Of course, Amazon came to the rescue when we were searching where to order our outlets. (Since we have Amazon Prime, it is always the first place we check when we need something.)  I also discovered they had multiple colors.  We did have a reader comment that you can spray paint.



We were also able to get the black receptacle on Amazon.  Yankee changed them in no time.  I actually went out to run a quick errand, and when I came back, he was finished.  Little Miss watched as he changed them, and she ran to me and pointed out how pretty the new outlets are.  Every so often she will walk by, point, and say, “Pretty.”  Ahh.   She just melts my heart.




This was a quick and painless DIY project that might not even be blog worthy, but I know a lot of readers out there have black granite.



Changing out the outlets in the kitchen

If your white outlets are on black or dark granite, you might want to give this a try.




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  1. Pam says

    On a related topic: I have spray painted all of my flooring vents to match each room’s flooring. They look great and are hardly noticeable.

    • says


      Yes that does make all the difference! I sprayed a vent in a bathroom to blend in better with the floor. Great easy change that is more visually pleasing.

  2. kathy says

    I think this was a great improvement. We have black granite but no outlets in the granite. The outlets are above the backsplash on the wall and they bother me. I just today put a small chalkboard in front of one of the outlets. Outlets showing have always bothered me. I am always trying to hide them.