Little Miss Update- Five Months Home

The one thing I have noticed since having a child is that time flies.  Everyone has told me it goes quickly, and I really can’t believe that I am sitting down and writing the five months home update.  I have such a full heart now that my little lady is home, and it is so nice seeing her feel comfortable not only with us but in her home.

Our little lady is just as girly as it gets.  She still requests a bow and necklace most mornings before getting out of bed.  I must say kids’ pajamas are cute, but add a little bow and necklace and they are even cuter, if that is possible.  She loves to wear dresses and twirl around.  My mom bought her some really cute boots for her birthday, and she wears them anytime I am wearing my booties.  Everyday  she selects a pair of my heels and walks around the house just laughing and smiling.  I join in on the laughter. It is so adorable.


Little Miss 5 months

(playing doctor at the museum)

While she is girly, the outdoors continue to be a favorite.  Nothing will get this girl moving like saying we are going to go get in the stroller.  Before you know it, her shoes are on, and she is bringing my shoes to me, Yankee’s shoes to him, and has grabbed Gracies’ leash, along with her stuffed giraffe, and blankie.  She is such an observant child, and I think that is one reason she likes the stroller. She just takes it all in.  She also loves to help and do anything outside.  With all the recent rain and wind, we had lots of sticks. She got out her little gardening gloves and was helping us pick up sticks.  We also recently planted spring bulbs, but as I am sitting here in my office typing this, I am seeing some squirrels dig right where we planted.  Hmmm




 (playing mechanic at the museum)

Transitions in the beginning were a real challenge. Many of the books that we read said to always talk about what is going to happen next.  Each morning we talk about the day and our plans for the day.  I have started going to the YMCA to work out, and I have been able to leave Little Miss in the child center to play.  We had to ease into it.  At first I left her there for just 10 minutes.  She learned that Mommy and Daddy will come back, and now she loves cooking and playing at the YMCA.  I can get in a good 45 minute workout now.  To get her excited for the days that we go to the “Y”, we play the song YMCA by the Village People.  She is learning the dance moves and jumps around.  It helps build excitement for being separated while I workout. Being able to do this step is very big, and we didn’t want to do it too early in the process. Sometimes if you do too much before the child is ready, regression can take place. So, we want to continue to move slow and steady and continue our attachment and bonding.


Little Miss 5 Months

(playing farmer)

Gracie has now become a favorite in our house, not sure if Gracie feels the same way.  In the morning she asks for “E” and in comes running Gracie and circles and jumps and basically goes crazy in front of Little Miss.  She loves it and just laughs and then commands the dog to come to her which Gracie is very good at ignoring.  However Gracie does like being by Little Miss the majority of the day.  Many times Little Miss is sitting on Gracie’s bed in the living room with a book and showing the pictures to Gracie.  She loves to curl up on the sofa under a blanket in the afternoon and just look through books.  It is so fun to see and going to the library is really fun for her.  I just love seeing her eyes light up when she opens a book.  From day one pretty much every night that we can Yankee and I read to her and it is such a sweet time together for our family.  These are the moments I just soak up.


Little Miss 5 Months

(playing with her doll)

Language continues to improve daily and she is now putting two words together. It is so fun to be playing and all of a sudden she will say a new word.    Some frustrations happen when she can’t communicate what she wants, but I also think that is very common with a two year old.  We are teaching her to take a deep breath when she is frustrated, and that seems to help.  We learned that watching “Daniel Tiger“, which is an off-shoot of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.



Little Miss 5 Months

 (rearranging the “pretty” mice)

Little Miss’s favorite food is broccoli, which she requests for breakfast.  It is by far a favorite, and I am thrilled she enjoys eating some veggies. She has grown 2.75 inches since being with us, and I guess it is all that broccoli!  We were told when we were in Thailand that she was a picky eater.  I remember when we heard this bit of info, Yankee and I just looked at each other. We know it might change, but she has been really great about eating what we eat, and giving everything a try.  I have tried some “kid food” with her such as mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and chicken fingers. After one bite of those things, that was it.  She was not interested in those kid-popular foods.  This makes life easier for me in terms of cooking since I serve her what I make for our meals.


Thank you for all the sweet comments along our journey to become a family of three. They are so sweet and really put a smile on my face.


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  1. Geri Haack says

    Reading this is a great way to begin my day! I love the updates on Little Miss and am so happy for all of you.

  2. Karen says

    So sweet! I could read updates on Little Miss everyday!!!! Obviously, she is feeling so loved in her new home.

  3. Brenda Adams says

    Jordan, we love reading your updates on your Little Miss! I know you are a wonderful mommy and we can’t wait to see her face. Enjoy every minute!