The Summer Tray Gets a Fall Look

You all know I love to shop our house to come up with new looks for the seasons.  There is just some satisfaction for me in creating something using items that are already in our home.  I am certainly a fan of shopping.  Don’t get me wrong, but I love giving things new looks.  I recently “hacked” a tray to give it a fall look, and then decided to  take some photos of it in the courtyard.

Tea time in the courtyard - The 2 Seasons

Take this tray, for instance.  The last time you saw it was in July when it was wearing a patriotic look.


Tray updated with scrapbook paper - The 2 Seasons

It’s a tray that I found on clearance at Home Goods, and I decided to give it a blue and white color scheme.  You can read how I did it in this post.


 Tea time in the courtyard - The 2 Seasons

Although I am a total nut for blue and white, those colors weren’t doing much for me once fall rolled around.  I wanted this tray to have more of an autumn color scheme.  I use it almost daily and wanted it to match the teapots I normally use this time of year.


 Tea time in the courtyard - The 2 Seasons

Giving it a fall update was a simple step.  All I needed to do was use some of the left over wrapping paper from this project.  (Scrap book paper would work, too.)  This burlap-like paper is well-protected under the glass top that I had cut for the tray.  All I had to do was cut the wrapping paper to fit the tray.  Then I removed the glass, placed the wrapping paper on top of the blue and white paper, and then replaced the glass.  By doing it that way, I will already know where the gingham paper is when I want to use it next summer.


Tea time in the courtyard - The 2 Seasons

Now with one of the teapots from my collection, the tray has a fall vibe going on, and I put it to use by having my afternoon tea in the courtyard.


Tea time in the couryard - The 2 Seasons

Since the weather was still warm enough, I enjoyed munching on a few Godiva chocolates (a gift from Mr. Right) and sipping a cup of tea .



Tea time in the courtyard - The 2 Seasons



The courtyard looked so nice that I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of it.



Tea time in the courtyard - The 2 Seasons

Tea time in the courtyard - The 2 Seasons

Our courtyard gets the afternoon sun, and although it is often too hot to enjoy on a summer evening, we get a lot of use out of it in the spring and fall.  We walk past it several times a day, and I love looking at the plants and flowers, and hearing the water fountain.  Taking a few minutes to relax there is pure joy to me.

Take care.


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  1. kathy says

    I like this tray idea. Do you know the story on your little vintage dish with the orange and yellow flowers? My mom has some of those that she “started housekeeping with”. I also like your Jadeite tea cup.

    • says

      I don’t know the story behind the dishes. My mother collected a whole set for me. I think they were a pattern that my grandmother had. Right now I am in Europe and can’t look at the brand.

      My mom also purchased some green jadeite plates for me. I have enough to serve tea and treats to eight people. Thanks for the kind words about it.