Fall in the Dining Room

If I received a grade for blogging, I might not do so well. We do everything in real time here at The 2 Seasons.  Even though most people have had their fall decorations out for a month, I just put ours out last week.  Hopefully, you aren’t sick of seeing pumpkins and fall decor by now because today I am excited to show you our dining room. (And just FYI, we will put our Christmas decorations out later than everyone else, too.)  I haven’t done a ton of decorating, but I did bring out my fall storage bin to switch out some of my place mats and napkins and to pull out some other fall decor.


Fall in the Dining room

Let’s start with the dough bowl which is a good size and not so, so heavy.  I hit up Trader Joe’s this year to pick up a variety of pumpkins and gourds.  I did some research and soaked them in a mixture of bleach and water so they will hopefully last through Thanksgiving.


Fall in the Dining room

For the gourds, I rubbed some vaseline on them to try to create a little shine.



Fall in the Dining room

This is a simple centerpiece, and I just love it.  I don’t love moving it for every meal, though, because it is so heavy.


Fall in the Dining room

The buffet is where I have a smaller dough bowl that mom gave me for Christmas a few years ago.  She found it on Amazon of all places.  It is a lot easier to fill because it isn’t too large.  I put some potpourri filler in it, and it smells just like fall.  I added  leaves, that also came from Amazon, to add some fall color and fun.  Little Miss is enjoying the leaves and pumpkins. For November I have a cornucopia that Yankee got for me, and I plan to fill it with some gourds and these leaves, and it will tie in nicely with what is already on display.



Fall in the Dining room

The amber colored bottles were a project I did a few years ago, and I realize now I never blogged about them.  I purchased these vintage-style medicine bottles, but I did find some similar bottles here.  I used some stencils and stenciled F-A-L-L on each bottle. I then added some wheat and voila, a nice touch for fall.



Fall in the dining room

 Like my mom, I have had my wheat for years.  I pack it up in tissue paper every year and store it away.  It even made it through our move. If you want to buy some wheat for your fall decor, just be gentle with it, and it will last for years.


As you can see I didn’t go crazy but I like the  little fall touches in the room.  I hope you enjoyed it.





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