How To Make Corduroy Place Mats

One of the things that I love about fall is the clothes.  I love the cashmere sweaters, the flannel plaid shirts, the suede jackets,  and corduroy pants.  I just love putting on an inviting pair of cozy corduroy pants along with a warm sweater and taking a stroll on a cool day.  Corduroy fabric and fall just seem to go together.  Last week in the fall table setting  we showed you, I used corduroy place mats as the starting off point.  After reading our post, my friend Kate asked me where I bought them, and I responded that I had made it.  Then I googled corduroy place mats and learned there aren’t many choices out there.  The ones I did find didn’t seem to be nearly as nice as the ones I had made.  So, we thought you might enjoy a little tutorial on how to make your own corduroy place mats.

Fall tablescape - The 2 Seasons

I used this wide wale corduroy because I think wide wale is a softer version.  I also used a neutral color, but it comes in other colors.  Also, this corduroy is an upholstery fabric which makes it more durable and wider.  If you make these mats, how many place mats you want and how large you want them to be will determine how much fabric to order. The fabric is very durable, and I just throw them in the washer on gentle when they need to be cleaned.


 DIY Corduroy place mat - The 2 Seasons

Okay, let’s get started.  The first step is to cut out  your place mats.  I used one of the place mats that I already owned and used it as my pattern.  Since I wanted the final size to be 12 inches by 18 inches, I cut the width and length a little wider and longer to allow for the seams.


 DIY Corduroy place mat

The next (and final) step is the sewing.  Just turn the sides in about 1/4 inch and then turn them in again. By doing this, the fabric won’t fray over time.  Sew all four sides using  thread that matches the fabric.


 Fall tablescape - The 2 Seasons

After that, my friends, you will have a finished place mat.  Just do this process four, six, or eight times depending on how many place mats you want.  It’s that easy!!!


Okay…..Good luck and have fun.  If you have any questions, just ask in the comments.


Take care.


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