DIY Placemats – Revisited

It’s that time again for us to revisit a post from last October.  Can you believe that in just a few weeks we will be dressing up in crazy costumes and handing out candy to strangers?  It will be the first Halloween that Little Miss celebrates.  I can’t wait, but first there are other things to do like read about DIY placemats.  Enjoy this post that Mom wrote last year.

My daughter-in-law Josie is a world traveler. (She married into the right family). Not only does she travel for pleasure, but she logs a lot of air miles for her job as an award-winning (Academy Award nominee/Emmy Award winner) documentary film producer. She knows just what I like, and the last time she was in South Africa, she picked up the cutest gift for me, and I think it is something that you clever ones could easily DIY.



DIY placemats

She gave me a set of perfect-for-fall placemats and napkins. They were made by women who are using their hands to earn money for their families.



DIY placemats

The cool factor is that they are changeable. By removing the cloth cover and adding a new one, there can be a whole new look. I am not sure what the base is made of, but a thin MDF board cut in a circle might work. The cloth cover fits very tightly, and getting a snug fit would probably be the most challenging part of the project.



DIY placemats

The seam is very flat so that the placemat isn’t wobbly when it is when being used.



DIY Placemats

We think making these placemats would be a great personalized Christmas gift. You could use holiday fabrics or fabrics that match the receiver’s decor.  If any of you make them, let us know how they turn out.

We hope you enjoyed the revisit!




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    What a clever idea! I think using inexpensive plastic chargers would work as well, and then seam would have to be quite a smooth as the outer edge is generally a bit higher then the base when placed on a flat surface. This is when I wish my Granny were still alive. She’d whip them up in no time!