Adding Interest to a Blank Wall

The piece of furniture that was once a china hutch in our formal dining room in our last house morphed into a book cabinet when we downsized.  It is fine furniture by Henkel Harris, and I wanted to keep it and use it.  Even though the top is accessorized with a clock, an oil painting, and blue and white ginger jars, it needed some interest on both sides of it.  Sitting by itself made it look like a lonely island in a sea of neutral, even though adding removable wall paper to the backing helped.  I saw a photo on a blog that I read regularly, and it confirmed to me that adding interest to a blank wall could make an entire room look better.

 Screen shot from The Pink Clutch

This is the inspiration photo that was taken by Paige who writes The Pink Clutch.  The wall in question was part of a bedroom in an Atlanta show house.  I have had this photo on my phone and on my computer for months, but I could never find sconces that I liked.  Then one day when I was in my favorite consignment shop, I found two sets.  That discovery was my green light to get this project started.



Great room wall accessories - The 2 Seasons

I am not sure if my wall is finished.  Maybe  you can help me with that decision.  Also, I kept the wood finish on the sconces.  I really don’t think I will paint them.  What do you think?



Great room wall accessories - The 2 Seasons

 I also bought the art and the ginger jars at the consignment shop.  The owner goes to market a few times each year, and she often brings back new and interesting accessories that she sells along with the consigned items in her shop.



Great room wall accessories - The 2 Seasons

The two blue plates are very old and belonged to my mother.  They were given to her by a very old man when he sold his farm.


Great room wall accessories - The 2 Seasons

I like the shape of the ginger jars.  They are more oval than round, and the pattern is interesting.  I am not sure if the silver trays that I used are large enough, and I am not even sure if the wall is finished.  I might add another set of sconces when I find some.


 Great room before - The 2 Seasons

The wall around the hutch had some of my oil paintings on it for a while, but I was too embarrassed to have my art hanging on the wall.  So, I moved it to the basement.  Then the wall was blank.



Great room wall accessories - The 2 Seasons

And this is where we are now.  This wall is well on its way to being finished, and it looks so much better than it did before.  However, if you have any suggestions for it, I am all ears.


Take care.


  1. Jenny Young says

    I think it looks perfect! It’s hard to tell the scale of the wall though. I do like your display much more than the inspiration pic.

    Oh & don’t hide your art! Especially if you love it…display it & enjoy it. I display some paint by numbers my brother did when he was young & I’m thinking about trying a painting of my own to display.

    • says

      Jenny, it’s hanging in the basement on a gallery wall I put together. At least it isn’t in the closet. I love everyone else’s paintings, even paint by number. Just not mine.

  2. Linda says

    A really good start! Looking great! LOVE those ginger jars – they are to die for. Wish I had some!!

    Can you tell me about your rug? I’m looking for something similar.


    • says

      Linda, the rug is a seagrass rug from Ballard Design. I have two of them. They are not very soft to walk on, but they are very durable.