The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

We are still waiting for our ad agency to get the hacking problem fixed.  This was a huge hack, and many major companies and blogs were affected.  Believe me, we are very frustrated about the whole situation.

It’s officially fall, and we couldn’t be happier.  We have some great finds for this first Saturday of our favorite season.  Enjoy!


Screen shot from Inspired by Charm

How about some smore cookies?  You get the taste without the trouble of building a campfire.



Screen shot from etsy

Three of favorite things – tortoise, pearls, and monograms in one reasonably priced bracelet.  This shop has the cutest things.



screen shot from etsy

We love this necklace, too.



Screen shot from Emily A Clark


We shared a green kitchen a few weeks ago, and here is a partially green kitchen.



Screen shot from Lonny

Here are 19 ways to decorate with red, and none of them is a major commitment.



Screen shot from Alisha Enid

Welcome fall with this delicious soup.



Gracie - The 2 Seasons

Please go here and vote for Gracie.  She (and we) would really appreciate it.  She is on the next to the last page, and it takes some effort to get there.



Okay, everyone, that’s wrap for this week.  Thanks for spending some time with us.  We will see you soon!



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