Little Miss Turns Two

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Our family celebrated a big event this past week.  Our Little Miss turned two.  We kept it a low-key affair, but it was full of love, fun, and celebration.  My parents spent the week-end with us and joined in on the fun so it was just the five of us.  We didn’t want to overwhelm her with a party and lots of people and presents, and so, we planned what turned out to be a perfect way to spend the day.

Gracie - The 2 Seasons

When she woke up, she was greeted with balloons, cheers, smiles, and a special birthday head band.  Everybody got in on the act including sweet Gracie. After an early breakfast, we dressed her in her birthday tutu dress so that we could travel about 45 minutes and be at the Lazy 5 Ranch for their first wagon tour of the day.


 Little Miss birthday - The 2 Seasons

The Lazy 5 Ranch is a privately owned ranch in Mooresville, NC, and they give farms tours from the back of a big ole wagon that is pulled by Clydesdales.  It isn’t your typical farm tour, though.


 Little Miss birthday - The 2 Seasons

This farm has exotic animals not normally seen in these parts.



Little Miss's birthday - The 2 Seasons

Little Miss loved the llamas especially after reading this book.


Ostrices - the 2 Seasons


There were zebras, llamas, camels, buffalo, giraffes, ostriches, Vietnamese pigs, and many different varieties of African deer and antelopes.



The animals are very tame and come right up to the wagon for treats that the farm provides.


 Little Miss's birthday - The 2 Seasons

They seemed to be living a good life with the run of the entire farm and the love from all of the visitors.


Little Miss Birthday - The 2 Seasons

By the way, visitors can do the wagon ride or follow a trail and drive their own vehicles through the farm.


 Little Miss birthday - The 2 Seasons

Little Miss was timid at first, but then she got right in on the action.  She loved letting the animals eat from her hand or from the bucket she held.  The towel around her neck is her blankie that was with her in Thailand.



Little Miss's birthday - The 2 Seasons

Each animal had its own way of eating.  Some took pellets from our hands, some ate from the ground, some ate from the bucket, and the bulls tipped their heads back, and we poured in the food.


 Little Miss birthday - The 2 Seasons

The tour lasted an hour, which was just the right amount of time.


Little Miss birthday

Afterwards, we walked through the petting zoo where we saw tortoises, burrows, camels, and exotic birds.

By the time we arrived home, it was lunch time.

Little Miss

After a nice nap, Little Miss awoke to birthday cake (her first cake) and ice cream.  Then we opened presents and spent the rest of the day playing.


We aren’t sure if she fully understood the whole thing, but now when we ask her how old she is, she responds with “Two”, but holds up one finger.  She knew that it was a special day for her, and we look forward to celebrating many, many more.


Thanks so much for following us along as we share special moments from our lives with you.  We always appreciate your comments and kind words.



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  1. says

    Lazy Five is a wonderful place to take anybody, kids and adults. We used to take 1st graders on the wagon ride and we all loved it.

  2. Linda says

    The love you have for this little girls oozes through every word you write. What a wonderful life she is to have. You are very special people and I wish I knew you personally. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments.

  3. Jan Smith says

    I’m always thrilled to read your updates.

    You planned the perfect day for your perfect daughter! How wise to limit the number of guests to family. I remember being told once that the right number of child guests for a child’s birthday party (outside of familiar family members) is the child’s birthday age + 1 child guest. I always followed this and it worked like a charm! So my only question is when I turn 70 in January does this mean I get to invite 71 guests?

  4. Michelle Reeves says

    What a happy day for lil Miss. You have really done your homework on what’s best for her. The best present she has recieved is you.