Great Ways to Repurpose Furniture

Do you think outside of the box when it comes to the furniture in your home?  Do you ever look at a bench or a chair, or a dresser, and realize it would be better if you use it in a new way?

Convert a china cabinet to a linen cabinet - The 2 Seasons

That’s what Mom thought when she found a china cabinet in a consignment store and turned it into a linen cabinet.



Bakers Rack Turned Bar

And when she turned this baker’s rack into a potting bench/bar.



Baby changing table into a potting bench.

I did it, too, when I converted this changing table into a bar and then into a potting bench.


Using furniture in different ways was the topic for our latest Angie’s list monthly article, and we are happy to share it with you today.  Just go to this link to read the article.  We hope you enjoy it!





  1. Cindy Brown says

    I just did a similar thing with a china cabinet with glass doors and one drawer. I painted it with white chalk paint on the outside and a soft sea green inside. Then I put a privacy film on the inside of the glass doors that is made up of sea glass colors so that you cannot see directly into the cabinet. This is for my husband’s numerous logo t-shirts. They can be folded and stacked neatly and can all be seen so that he can find the one he is looking for without messing up numerous drawers. It has worked out so well and I have a beautiful piece of furniture to boot!