Having Fun with the Style Book App

I recently did something that is unusual for me.  I bought an app for my phone.  I normally just get free apps.  Something about my purchase that was also unusual is that it was a Style Book app.  (This is not an advertisement.  We like telling you when we find something that you might enjoy, too.)  I am not a style maven, but I do like to look nice.  However, I found that I was walking into my closet (and I bet this happens to you, too), and I stand there and stare.  I have a closet full of clothes but am not always sure what to wear.  I have a certain style that looks best on me, and it’s fun to play around with my style.  At this age, I know what works and what doesn’t for me and my lifestyle.  The Style Book app takes away all of that last minute “throwing an outfit together” drama.  It makes it possible to plan my outfits in advance for any occasion – work, casual, evening, etc.  I can pre-plan my outfits by taking photos of each piece of clothing in my closet and then create outfit looks that are saved in the app.  It takes some work at first. Just like any undertaking that requires organization, the initial amount of time and work put into the project makes things easier later on.  The bottom line is that it is sort of like playing Barbies but with my body and my clothes.  Hmmmm……..maybe that’s not so great after all. Whatever – I am having fun with my Style Book app.  Here’s how it works.


 Style book app - The 2 Seasons

This is what the home page looks like.  The Stylebook app, which only costs $3.99, is easy to use, but I must tell you that I am still learning about it.  All I have to do is take photos of each item in my closet and organize them into categories.



Style book app - The 2 Seasons

First, I put it in the closet section, which is divided into different types of clothes, and then I select clothes from the closet to create looks (outfits.)  For instance, if I take a photo of a pair of jeans, then there is a slot for jeans.  If I take a photo of a shirt, there is a slot for sleeveless or sleeved shirt.  It goes on from there.



Style book app - The 2 Seasons


So far, I have been taking screen shots of new clothes that I have purchased for this upcoming fall season.  I just snap the shot off of the store’s website.  Once I have taken the photos, then I can create outfits under any occasion that I want and save them to that category.  I have been focusing on the casual section since that is how I dress most of the time.


Style book app - The 2 Seasons

(leopard booties, similar denim shirt)

This is an actual outfit that I created using my app and my clothes.  When it’s time to get dressed, I can decide what mood I’m in or what type of outfit I need, look at my app to see what I have already pre-planned for that category, and put those items on my body.  Jewelry, shoes, purses, and outerwear can also be added in advance.


 Style book app - The 2 Seasons

 (similar black booties)

Here’s another one of my outfits.  This outfit has two items of the same items as the outfit above it, but it is a different look.  Also, if I order something on-line, like I did for the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale, then I can take screen shots of those items, edit them, and add them to my Stylebook.  Like I said, these looks are from clothes I purchased through Nordstrom’s and at a Cabi party.  There are all kinds of videos on Youtube that are helping me figure out how to use the app.


 Style book app - The 2 Seasons

Style app

Style app

 (cashmere poncho, flannel shirt, denim leggings)

So, here I am wearing that outfit.  It will be perfect for a fall football game, a Sunday afternoon at the movies, or a trip to the pumpkin patch.



 Style book app - The 2 Seasons

(similar booties, jeans)

I think playing around with the app will be a great way to use bonus time that we get when we are waiting for an appointment or sitting in an airport, etc.  I plan to take photos of the clothes in my closet this week.  This app (along with this book) gave me the incentive to clean out my closet, which I did last week.  I am a person who can’t stand clutter or things that are disorganized, and my closet was in need of some attention.  Now that it is cleared out, I can go on and take those photos.


If you enjoy putting outfits together or shopping your closet, you would probably really enjoy this app.

Take care.


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    Thanks for sharing. That sounds like an app I would use. I’m always standing in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear. Visiting from the #fiftyandfab blog hop.

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    What a fun idea! I’m like you… I don’t have any apps that I actually paid for, but for $3.99 this one looks well worth it!