Favorite Fall Recipes

Instead of publishing a new recipe today, we searched through our archives and came up with some dishes that are our favorite fall recipes.  We have a little bit of everything, and hopefully, you will find some that you can add to your meal rotation.

 Easy tomato bisque - The 2 Seasons


Tomato bisque


Spicy Margarita - The 2 Seasons

Spicy Margarita


Great as a gift from the kitchen or to have on hand during the holidays. - The 2 Seasons

Cranberry Nut Bread


Here's a great recipe for game day sloppy joes. -The 2 Seasons

Sloppy Joes



Sour Cream Apple Pie

Sour Cream Apple Pie



Bacon Dried Tomato Scones

Bacon and Dried Tomato Scone


Best ever cinnamon biscuits - The 2 Seasons


Best Cinnamon Biscuits Ever



Chicken pot pie in pumpkin - The 2 Seasons

Chicken Pot Pie Baked in a Pumpkin



Pasta with Butternut Squash - the 2 Seasons

Pasta with Squash and Sage




Pumpkin bread - The 2 Seasons

Pumpkin Bread

We hope your mouth is watering by now, and you are headed out the door to buy the ingredients you need for the recipes.  Your family and friends will really appreciate it.


As always, we want to thank you all for stopping in and spending some of your day with us.


Take care.