Fall Sign, Revisited

Hello, everyone.  Our favorite season is here, and we are going to  enjoy every second of it through Thanksgiving when we will turn our thoughts to you know what.  I can’t even type the word for the holiday that occurs at the end of December.  I’m just not there yet.  Anyway, we have an easy project that Mom put together in under an hour last year, and we thought it would be a good one to revisit for this first day of September.  Enjoy!

I was tinkering around in my craft room one day last week and came up with the cutest little sign. It has a great look for fall, and it was easy and inexpensive to make. Actually, for me it was free because the canvas was a gift, and I had the wood chips in my cabinet. Take a look at how easy it was and how it added an extra element to the vignette I made for a corner in our kitchen. Maybe you would like to make one of these DIY FALL signs.




Isn’t this the cutest sign??? I promise you that it was a super easy and a super fast project. This is one the kids could do.



FALL sign

It started out with this burlap canvas. My neighbor gave it to me, and I think she bought it at Michael’s.



FALL sign

I then taped off some lines and painted them a dark brown using acrylic paint. I wanted it to resemble a French grain sack.




I had some wooden chips that came with some artist canvases that I bought so that is why I used them. However, you could use ribbon or scrapbook paper or even sand paper for the next step. I just decided to make the word FALL out of them, and since I didn’t want them to be perfect, there was no measuring involved. I just cut the thin wood with my craft scissors. I moved them around on the canvas until I liked the way they looked. Then I used a glue gun to stick them to the burlap. You could write any word you want, but I needed something for a fall vignette.


FALL sign



FALL sign


FALL sign

This sign would work for any season. With red or green stripes, and the word NOEL, it could work for Christmas. Red stripes and the word LOVE would make it a valentine sign. Pastel stripes and the word SPRING would work. You get the picture. Now, don’t you think this is also a DIY that your kids or grandkids could do maybe with some supervision from you? Have fun and let me know how it turns out.


Thanks for stopping in.


Take care.


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