A Cute French Country Kitchen

My friend Lizanne and I always like to do home tours together.  We try to get together for at least one or two each summer.  She is a busy physician who is about to leave for a hiking/kayaking trip to Corsica, but we were able to squeeze out an afternoon to enjoy a remodeled home tour that the area builder’s association puts on every year.  We only made it to half of the houses, and some were more our tastes then others.  My favorite kitchen was this charming remodel that gave 1980’s era home a cute French country kitchen.  I didn’t get a whole lot of photos of it since I had to work around the people who were there, but the ones I took give you a good look.


Fench country kitchen -  The 2 Seasons

I will point out some of the things I liked such as those statement lights over the island.  Also, this kitchen was a well-designed/user friendly kitchen.  It was very much a cook’s kitchen, and  its design was very practical.  It proves you can be stylish and practical at the same time.



French country kitchen - The 2 Seasons

 This part of the kitchen was a new space that the builders added.  They vaulted the ceilings and added those fantastic beams and that wrought iron light.



French country kitchen - The 2 Seasons

I loved the hardware and the box that hid the stove’s fan.



French country kitchen

 The glass in the cabinets was “bubbled” so that they had glass fronts, but you really couldn’t see into them very well.  That means they didn’t always have to be perfect.



French country kitchen - The 2 Seasons

 I loved the counter tops because they appeared to be a form of marble but didn’t have a whole lot of veining.  The stools are adorable, too.  (Those men were the builders who were there to represent their company and answer questions.?)



French country kitchen - The 2 Seasons

 This table was custom-made and was fantastic.  I noticed that many of the homes had given up either their formal dining room or formal living room.  Many of the eating areas are now just extentions of the kitchens.  Home offices had moved into the formal areas that people just don’t use these days.  I think it’s great that we can repurpose our home and our rooms to fit our needs.  There are no rules, which you all know by now.



Rench country kitchen - The 2 Seasons

I loved the upholstered bench (although you can’t see much of it) that was on one side of the table.  It was long and very inviting.



French country kitchen - The 2 Seasons

Aren’t those dishes adorable?


Fench country kitchen

Here’s a better view of the bench and all.



French country kitchen

They also enclosed what used to be the deck and made a wonderful three-season room.  They added a paved patio outside of this room.  Many of the homes we saw were owned by empty-nesters who have repurposed their homes to fit their needs now without children around.



French country kitchen - The 2 Seasons

There were lots of outdoor fireplaces in the remodeled homes with televisions over them.  We live in SEC country, and fall football is a big deal around here.  The owners plan to watch their football in front of their cozy fireplaces.  I would love to have one, and it is definitely on Jordan’s list for her porch (here and here), too.


French country kitchen - The 2 Seasons

 Wasn’t that fun???  I think this couple will get many years of use from their wonderful remodel.



Take care.


  1. jamie says

    I saw all of the homes but two. This was one I missed so I am thrilled that you featured it! It was so hot Saturday!

    • says

      You go, girl. We just ran out of steam. It was soooo hot. I’m sorry you didn’t see this one, because I think you would have really liked it.

  2. says

    Isn’t it fun to go on home tours – I get a lot of inspiration from them. I’m such a fan of enclosed porches/sunrooms. I certainly could be happy watching football in that space. Looks like they have quite a skylight in there too!