Updates in the Powder Room

We moved into our home a little over five years ago, and for all of those years, I have lived with a powder room that I did not love.  We completely gutted it during our big pre-move remodel, and I was okay with all of our upgrades/improvements.  However, I was never really crazy about the color, palladium by Benjamin Moore that Sherwin Williams matched.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a lovely color, but it just wasn’t right in our powder room.  Repainting the room has been on my to-do list for literally two years, but I just couldn’t get up the nerve to do what I was thinking of doing.  I wanted to go navy.  It’s my favorite color, and we have it all through our house in large and small doses.  I took the plunge one day two weeks ago when an appointment that was supposed to take the whole day only took half a day.  That meant I had a free afternoon, and with Mr. Right away, I wouldn’t have to stop and fix dinner, etc.  I could just paint.  So, I did it.  I painted it and made other updates in the powder room.  And let me just say that I. LOVE. IT.  (This room has no windows and getting good photos was next to impossible for me.  Sorry about the quality.)

 In the Navy by Sherwin Williams - The 2 Seasons

The Sherwin Williams navy blue that we used on our front door and in Mr. Right’s office is Naval.  This time, though, I chose In the Navy by SW which is so close to Naval that you would really have a hard time telling them apart. Our powder room is teeny, has a tall ceiling, and there’s no window.  I was pretty sure it would look and feel like a cave, but it doesn’t it.  No matter how comes across in these photos, it is a true, deep, glorious navy with no splotches or light areas.  The accessories I added break up the color, the white door and trim, and the white sink and Carrara marble counters provide enough white to offset the dark.


 Powder room - the 2 Seasons

Our sink sits on a stand with legs that are visible.  I wanted to downplay those legs, and so I made an adorable green and white gingham skirt.  It is perfect and looks so good with the navy and pulls out the green in the art and in the rug. The over-the sink light which is creating the glare is similar to this one.


 Powder room art - The 2 Seasons

I used the same art on the walls that was already in there, but it looks completely different.  Jordan even commented that she like the art and was surprised when I told her it was the same. I didn’t buy them together, but they sure do go together perfectly.


Powder room art - The 2 Seasons

The larger piece is an ad from a vintage French magazine.  I bought it at a flea market in Paris.  The top one is the little ballerina that hung over my bed when I was a little girl.  My mom paid 99 cents for it at the Five and Dime store, and  I reframed it recently.  She was on my wall until the Beatles came along and she was replaced by their poster.  (I kissed Paul good-night every evening.)


 Powder room - The 2 Seasons

I wanted a mirror over the sink that would blend with the frame on the art, and I ordered this mirror that is bamboo with a tortoise shell finish.



Powder room mirror - The 2 Seasons

I have been wanting one for a long time, and when I painted the walls navy, I knew this room was the perfect spot.


 Powder room rum - The 2 Seasons

My last purchase for the room was an antique Persian rug.  I found this one on ebay, and it was here within a few days.  I wanted a worn rug with a tough of navy and green in it to pull in the wall and the gingham.  I love this little rug.  It is a good little sister to the kitchen rug that I bought last summer from EBTH.



 Powder room before - The 2 Seasons

Oh, by the way, here is a before of the room.


 Powder room sink - The 2 Seasons

This is much better, don’t you think?


Take care.


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    Kudos on taking the plunge + going navy! It’s my favorite, too, + guess who was too scared to paint her living room navy? I did paint a dresser Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy, which wasn’t dark enough. Do you know the designer Emily Henderson? She loves navy as much as we do, + she’s even blogged about her favorite navy paints. #1 on her list is something by Farrow + Ball. Congrats again on the most adorable powder room, ever. That marble sink rules my world! I am also thinking of sewing a skirt for our powder room!

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      Thanks for the kind comments. I feel as if our powder room is the exclamation point in my decor. I do read Emily, and I loved her navy island in her white kitchen.