New Living Room Rug

Well, folks I have officially gotten out of my comfort zone with our newest home purchase.  I mentioned before that I really wanted to work on our living room, and the first step, in my opinion, was getting a new rug.  I bought our current rug years ago at Home Goods.  Since then it has been in our Syracuse living room, Syracuse bedroom, Charlotte living room, Charlotte bedroom, and back to our living room.  It came down to the fact that I was bored with the rug and wanted something new and fun.  While I would love to have an old (as in antique) and expensive living room rug, I know me.  I would probably get tired of it sooner than later.

I have been looking online at rugs, and my mom suggested Overstock one day because they were having a sale.  I always forget about Overstock but loved the bar stools I ordered from them. So, I thought I would take a look.  The process of my deciding which rug involved lots of emails and texts back and forth with my mom after  I had narrowed it down to these.

Living Room Rugs



I really liked all these choices, but I decided to go bold with color and have some fun with the living room, and Yankee was fine with that.  It took a few days for me to actually push the  order button.  I knew that if I didn’t like it in the living room, it would work in our bedroom.  It was reasonably priced, and I wasn’t breaking the bank.  I knew that I could get several years of use out of it one way or the other.




Rug from Overstock


Well here you go.  This is the rug  I ordered.   It is bold and colorful, and I absolutely LOVE it. What do you think?

Writing this post, I realized I have not really shown the living room since we moved in.  Here is a little refresher.


Living room - before

This is how it looked when we were touring the home.  Since then we have painted every square inch of the ceilings, walls, and trim in the entire house, including the kitchen cabinets.  I’m glad that’s behind us.



Living Room

This is how it was looking for us.  (Sorry about the bad photos. I took these at night with my phone right before putting down the new rug.)  Thanks to Yankee for asking if I had any before photos.  #badblogger.



Living Room

Everything to me was blah, and until now, I really wasn’t focused on the living room.   At first, I liked that the rug was neutral, but again it was all looking boring to me.



Living Room Rug

Tada! Here is our new rug.  I love the colors and brightness it now brings to our living room.  It has an aged looked, which I like, and it is going to be great for hiding any stains that might happen in the future.  Although you can’t see it in the photo, every single color I would ever want to decorate is in the rug.  There’s red, green, blue, black, navy, yellow, and more.



Living Room Rug

Now that I have the rug, I want to focus next on new seating options.  One thing I wish I could do is have two full size sofas facing each other.  However, due to the placement of the door going out to the porch, it isn’t going to work.  I have moved the sofa around and tried.  I know I can get the door moved, but the way it is set up would require us to replace everything.  So, that’s not happening anytime soon.



Living room rug

There you have it.  This is real life in our living room.  Let’s just say it is getting a lot of living right now.  Oh and in case you were wondering, Little Miss walked in the room the next morning and said, “OOhh… pretty.”  It seems as if she likes color, too!!!


If you have any input on the color of sofa or type, I would love to hear.  I still go back and forth about a chesterfield and have seen some amazing ones.  So, I would love hearing your thoughts on other livable options.




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  1. Karen says

    Have to ask – tv is over fireplace and sofa (for viewing) directly across from tv. Most young people – it seems – want huge L shaped sofas and/or reclining sofas as if they can’t watch tv in sitting positions! Thankfully you seem to be treating the living room as a place for conversation as well as tv viewing. Any comments on this trend of oversized disproportionate sofas and reclining everywhere?

    • says


      I would of loved to have two regular size sofas facing each other and not the tv. Due to our back door opening into the living room that wasn’t an option. (I tried.) This is the only TV in our house so it really is a living room for conversation and relaxing. I know comfort wins many times in these rooms with the large reclining sofas. I like to think I can do both comfort and style but keep it a conversation area!

    • says


      Oh my the rug would look amazing with a yellow sofa! As for the class with the adoption, move and day job I did take a break. I am so close to being finished and have really enjoyed the class.

  2. Wendy Johnson says

    I love your bold bright rug Totally agree with Little Miss..pretty. Oh, and I have never owned a Chesterfield sofa but think they look amazing in any setting.