The Book of Myself

Hello, everyone.  We have just a short post for today, but it could be a very meaningful one for you and/or your family.  When we were going through Grandma’s books after she passed away a few weeks ago, we found one titled The Book of Myself.  It is a do-it-yourself autobiography.  There are 201 questions that ask about a person’s life.  It was published back in 2007, and someone gifted it to Grandma.  What a surprise and meaningful treasure it was to us when we found it.  (By the way, after our children were born, I always called my mother-in-law Grandma.)

The Book of Myself - great gift to preserve memories for future family members.  Link in blog. - The 2 Seasons

There in Grandma’s own handwriting were answers to questions like: “If I remember anything about my great grandparents, it is this……..



“My teachers generally described me as what kind of student.”

“My first serious romance was with.”

I remember my wedding day because.

I remember what I was doing when John F. Kennedy was shot.”


 The Book of Myself - A great way to preserve memories family members will cherish - link in post - The 2 Seasons

 It is divided into three sections of life – early years, middle years, and later years.


We have passed the book around our branch of the family and plan to get it to other family members so they, too, can enjoy it and possibly learn something about their mother/grandmother that they didn’t already know.  One of the tidbits that we learned was that Grandma had her appendix removed when she was a young girl.  We didn’t know that.  Grandma was always competitive, and she wrote in one excerpt that she learned the Gettysburg address without any mistakes before the top student in the class did.


I plan to get  The Book of Myself to fill out so that my family can learn things about me after I am no longer around. I plan to also get one for my 89 year-old mother and 93 year-old father.  I think they’ll get a kick out of answering the questions.


I did a little research and also found this book and this one that would be perfect for preserving memories for your grandchildren.

We thought you might like to know about these books to give either as gifts or to fill out for your family.


Take care.


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