Little Miss Adoption Update – Three Months Home

Hi everyone!  It’s time again for a monthly adoption update on Little Miss.  I feel as if I just typed up the two month post. Time is flying by, but strangely, our trip to Thailand feels like ages ago.  Well, where to begin?  We continue to see signs of attachment, and Little Miss is becoming more comfortable each day.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but it is happening.



It was a busy month for all of us. Shortly after our trip to Kentucky for the 4th of July weekend, we went to West Virginia to visit my grandparents and to attend a family reunion. Little Miss loved sitting on the porch and watching the birds and going to see all of Grandma’s flowers.  She did a little fashion show for Grandma modeling all the dresses my grandmother has made her.  It is so fun that she is able to wear something my Grandma made with lots of love.  Grandma made many dresses for me when I was little, and I love that she continues to do the same for my daughter.  Overall, Little Miss did great meeting so many new people.  She can give a great poker face, but eventually, she opens up and shows her adorable personality.


Shortly after our trip to West Virginia we had to take the unexpected trip to Indiana for my other grandmother’s funeral.  Grandma H. was able to meet Little Miss a few weeks prior when we flew up to visit her. I am so grateful she met my daughter and Little Miss met her great grandmother.  While it was a sad time, Little Miss brought smiles to so many family members and did great meeting the family.

 Little Miss

(Here she is wearing my shoes, my hat, and my purse along with her play apron that Grandma made.  She loves to pretend she is cleaning and is trying to figure out the vacuum.)

There are new developments in the language front.  She continues to learn new words everyday.  She repeats pretty much everything I say so it’s time to be careful in what I say!!!  She was saying  “dog” for Gracie, and now she says “name.”  We ask her what is the dog’s name, and she replies with name.  It honestly makes sense to me.  Giving Gracie treats is a daily activity that both parties love.  She sits on the floor and uses the smallest spoon to spoon feed Gracie one small kibble of food at a time.  Gracie is learning patience.


Hair bows continue to be part of her daily wardrobe along with necklaces.   She points out any and every necklace she sees.  My mom got her a cute little child-proof necklace  and that along with a bow has been a part of her daily wardrobe.  Can we say this girl loves her accessories???



Biking - Little Miss Adoption Update - Three Months Home

Bicycles are a big part of our family and she can say bicycle and points out each one she sees.  We bought her a balance bike, and she is doing great riding it.  Some of our friends, whom I biked across the country with in college, got her the cutest little pink helmet with a bow.  It’s adorable!



This girl was meant to live in the South as she really loves to dance to country music.  It seems she really gets moving to the hokey pokey and to Chris Stapleton.  I am a fan of his, too, so I am happy to have the country music playing.  She also now has a little rocking chair and enjoys her front porch rocking!!!


I grew up eating dinner as a family and really enjoyed it, so we do our best to have family dinners in the dining room every evening.  It is a change for Yankee and me because we were used to eating late before she arrived.  Now we have her bed time to consider, so we eat dinner at 6 p.m.  She is a great helper and likes to help set the table.  Once she gets in her chair, she holds out her arms since we hold hands when we say grace. She tries so hard to keep her eyes closed.  I’m not going to lie – I open my eyes to do some peeking because it is so cute to see how she is trying.  She knows when to say amen which just melts my heart.

I hope you continue to enjoy the updates.  She continues to amaze us each day. One of these days when the adoption is finalized, we will be able to share her adorable picture.


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  1. Beth Lowe says

    I love the play apron your Grandmother made, does it have a Cat Face? That picture was too cute!!

    • says


      She loves wearing the apron especially helping me in the kitchen. This one does have a cat face and, she has a dog face and bunny. They are adorable.

  2. Mary Ann says

    Love the adoption updates! So looking forward to the day you are able to share her smile

  3. Kim Martin says

    I love reading your blog. So happy for you that you have your little one home. I am from Wv and I am glad that you enjoyed your visit

  4. Nancy DePew says

    Having had the pleasure of meeting your Little Miss I can certainly vouch for how precious and adorable she is. You and she are so very blessed to have found one another. And I’m sure Grandma is smiling down from heaven on your beautiful family!

  5. says

    What a great update on “Little Miss” she seem to be doing very well ~ so happy for you Jordan.

    I love reading all about her and the little things she does.
    I have an Etsy store and would love to make her something if that is OK with you.

    Let me know if you would like that.
    Have a wonderful day

  6. karen says

    Love reading your and your Mom,s blog, and more so now with your daughter Enjoy as she will grow up so fast She is one lucky little girl

  7. Cathy L. says

    Please continue your precious updates on your little blessing our Lord and Savior bestowed such an adorable child (from the backside of the pictures lol) to such a wonderful God loving family, and I absolutely look forward to many more updates and pictures. I have several friends who were fortunate enough to adopt internationally as well. May God continue to bless little miss !

  8. Katherine says

    Oh, Jordan! I LOVE your baby girl updates! Savor every moment because they grow up so fast! My little girl (now 19 and a college sophomore) had a pink bicycle helmet and so did her bestfriend. The two of them used to ride around in her Barbie Jeep when they were 2 and 3 years old with their hair blowing behind them. It’s an image that lives forever in my heart. Hug that baby girl for all of us!

    • says


      What a great image of your daughter. Believe me she gets lots of hugs everyday and I do my best to enjoy the little things because I am realizing it goes fast.