Review of a Drawer Dishwasher

Today’s post isn’t about decorating or traveling, but it is an important PSA in my opinion. We have been in our home nine months now, and I think the number one question we get from visitors is,  “Oohh…. ahh…… You have a two-drawer dishwasher.  Do you love it?”  I think every time at the same time Yankee and I always say, “No, we hate it.”


Yankee, had the opportunity to use some of his paternity leave when we arrived home from Thailand with our Little Miss.  He was home for almost two weeks, and she was pretty much in my arms the whole time and unsure of so many things.  Yankee took his role seriously by helping out around the house.  He did a lot of dishes, and we both discovered that we have a definite opinion about our two-drawer dishwasher.  We thought it might be helpful to write a review of a drawer dishwasher in case you are thinking about buying one or have been wondering about them.

Review of Drawer Dishwasher

When we bought this house, it was ten years old.  The previous owners had it custom built, and they hand selected all of the appliances.  One of the things they chose was a two-drawer dishwasher made by Kitchenaid.  Instead of a door opening and dropping down, our dishwasher has two drawers that pull out just like a cabinet drawer.  In a nut shell, Yankee and I do not like the dishwasher for several reasons. (On a side note I didn’t know we even had a dent in the dishwasher till I uploaded this photo on the computer.)



Review of Drawer Dishwasher

It’s size is the same as a standard dishwasher, but it has a lot less space for dishes.   We can barely fit dishes from one meal into one of the drawers, and each drawer has its own motor that works independently of the other.  That means we have to run both units through a cycle to get all of our dishes clean.


 Review of Drawer Dishwasher

Plus, each unit has a standard sized slot for dishwasher detergent.  That means we are using twice as much detergent in order to wash the same amount of dishes.  We both feel as if we are spending way too much time loading and emptying the dishwasher.  Our time is valuable now, and we don’t like spending it like this.



 Review of Drawer Dishwasher

We both know this is definitely a first-world problem, but we thought you might want to rethink your choice if you are considering buying a new dishwasher in the near future.  This would be one appliance we would be okay with if it died sooner rather than later.  It works, so there is no need to replace it, but boy, we do not like it.



Review of Drawer Dishwasher

Looks like Gracie is even over this drawer dishwasher. Do you have an appliance that you are hoping kicks the can soon?







  1. Kitty Buchanan says

    I have a drawer dishwasher – not KitchenAid – and love it. Both units are large and will fit about a dozen plates, plus about a dozen mugs and glasses. Also room for a couple of bowls. The only thing I can think of improving or changing would be the silverware caddy. We have a large extended family so this dishwasher has really come in handy when we have get togethers. I mainly use the lower unit for washing large casserole dishes, etc. I have had this set for about 4 years now and wouldn’t go back to the other type.

    • says


      Wow yours sounds amazing being able to get 12 plates in a load. Yankee is a master at loading and we haven’t even been close. We even checked out the website to make sure we were not missing a secret on how to load. Glad to hear you have a better experience with your drawer dishwasher!