How To Improve Curb Appeal

We love it when we hear from you through comments and emails.  After all, it would be pointless to write this blog if we didn’t have loyal readers who visit us every day and enjoy what they see.  Recently, we received an email from Mary who enjoyed this blog post so much that she decided to create the look at her own home located in Indianapolis.  She was inspired to improve the curb appeal by us, and then she took the idea and ran with it.  Her update was part of a painting project to give her home a refreshed look.  We love the way her painting project turned out and hope it might inspire some of you to get out your paint brushes and painter’s tape, and go to work.


Improve curb appeal by painting the steps - The 2 Seasons

Mary’s home is a charming Queen Anne.  They recently had it painted using four different paint colors.  This shot shows the house before the steps were painted.



Improve curb appeal by painting steps - The 2 Seasons


 Here is a side view.  The different colors really highlight the special details.



Improved curb appeal by painting steps - The 2 Seasons

And here’s the final product.  The steps have a wonderful “red carpet” now to welcome anyone who comes to their home.  Don’t you just love the magic of paint?


If any of y’all have thought about applying some paint to your front steps, maybe this will be all of the incentive you need to get on it.  We want to thank Mary for sending us the photos that she took.  We love to show off your projects, so if any of you have to photos to share, please send them in.




  1. Donnamae says

    Mary did a fantastic job! Love how she ran with the step idea….and used four colors on her house! 😉