Little Miss Update- Two Months Home

Little Miss has been home with us for two months now, and I can’t believe it.  I am sure I will be saying that same phrase every month as I fill you in on how things are going.   We have our two month visit with our social worker in a few days, and I am so excited to move forward with finalizing our adoption.

There are days when I feel as if my heart will just explode with how much love I have for my little lady. Who knew this would happen for a little girl I just met?  It has been a year since I saw her sweet picture, but she has only been in my arms a short time.  I love the mornings when she wakes up and enjoys cuddling. She is amazed every time I open the curtains and we look at the new day.  It is the same view, but you would think it is the coolest thing with her surprised and smiley reaction.

Little Miss has made great progress this month as she is attaching to Yankee and no longer cries when she sees him.  She realizes he is part of our family and here to stay.  Every morning when he goes to work, she runs to the front door.  We sit on the steps and wave bye-bye and send him off to his work day.  They now have special daddy daughter play time when he comes home, and Gracie is usually involved in the play.  Let’s all give a big “bless her heart” to Gracie.



Adoption Update

 (Playing dress-up with Gracie)

Gracie loves when Little Miss eats because food is often dropped, and she is right there to clean it up.  She makes cleaning up easier for me!  Gracie wants to be involved in every move no matter if it is playing inside or out.  The only thing she avoids is the sprinkler so Little Miss has learned to throw her ball right by the water.  Since Gracie loves every ball she has ever seen, she will get wet just to get her paws on the ball.  I think she would only do it for Little Miss.


Little Miss is very girly. She wakes up from nap time asking for one of her hair bows.  She loves wearing her sunglasses not only outside but inside.  She loves putting her glasses on Gracie, who again is a good sport and will play along.  When she was still in Thailand living with her foster mother, we sent a disposable camera each time we sent a care package.  We finally had the pictures developed.  There were pictures with Little Miss in dresses with painted toe nails and lots of barrettes in her hair.  She twirls in her dresses and mimics me when I am doing my hair or putting on my makeup.  I never knew some of the things I did that she has picked up right away by watching.  It is really fun to see.




Adoption Update

 (Having a tea party with Gracie)

As far of language goes, we continue to be amazed with how much she understands. She is picking up words daily but with some words she drops the first syllable.  She calls her pig tails just tails.  Her belly button is her button.  Grandpa is Pa.  With the two or more syllable words that she says, it is very cute when she pronounces the word by each syllable.  My favorite is coff-ee which she says when she points to my coffee cup every morning and now every afternoon as I am now a two a day coffee drinker.  She says buck-le and loves to hook and unhook buckles.


She is becoming a good little traveler.  We took a quick trip by plane to visit my grandmother, and she was  a trooper.  It’s not the first time she has been on a plane, but it was just the two of us, and we had flight connections.  She sat on my lap and loved looking outside.  Overall, it was smooth sailing flying.  For the long 4th of July week-end, Yankee, Little Miss and I took our first long car trip to Kentucky. She did really well with only a few whines here and there.  I know this all could change, but so far so good.


It took some time, but she is finally sleeping through the night or as Bringing up Bebe calls it, she has “found her nights”.  Let’s just say this is good for all parties involved.


She continues to enjoy being outdoors, going to the park, blowing bubbles, and slowly we are getting comfortable with the water.  These hot summer days are making that easier.  It has been so fun to see her little personality emerge, and now we are seeing what her foster mother told us.  She’s a chatty girl who is happy and loves music.


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  1. Katherine says

    I’m so happy things are progressing so well! It has been horribly hot here lately, hasn’t it? You’re really getting a rude introduction to summers in the south! Thank goodness for central air, sprinklers, swimming pools (I’d never go outside if we didn’t have ours) and Popsicles! Hugs to Little Miss!

  2. Cheryl Johnson says

    Little Miss could be named Joy…I hear it in every blog you write…so happy for ya’ll!

  3. Gail says

    Thanks for the updates. Love hearing about the progress of Little Miss. What a happy, special time for your family.

  4. says

    What an amazing and wonderful update! It sounds like she is so comfortable with you and I bet it is so rewarding for you to be able to see her personality emerge. So happy for you and your family!!