Back Porch Reveal

Before heading over to Thailand  I wrote a post about our plans for our back porch.  We love having this outdoor space and use it every day.  Even in the Charlotte heat, it provides a cozy and comfortable place to sit outdoors.  It gets the morning sun, and so, we mostly use it in the afternoons and evenings when it is shaded and pleasant.  As far as furnishings go, we made the porch a priority over some of our indoor rooms since we spend so much time out there.  We bought a sofa, coffee table, and two chairs for the sitting area, and we bought a table and benches for the eating area.  Today’s back porch reveal is the sitting area.

Back Porch- The 2 Seasons


Originally we were thinking to have four chairs to set up our conversation sitting area.  Plans changed, and we love the way it looks.  We bought a full size sofa and two chairs that swivel. These were all from Home Depot, and we were able to get them shipped directly to our house for free. We loved the feel of the standard chairs for this collection, but once we sat in the swivel, we were sold.  While at the store we thought we would only do one swivel, but eventually decided we needed two.  I am so glad we did. Yankee and I love to each have a swivel chair, and we can move around and follow Little Miss.  Plus, these chairs are so, so, so comfortable.  By far, they’re the most comfortable outdoor chairs I have ever sat in.  We checked out the reviews before buying, and we were not the only ones who loves the comfort of the chairs. Now that we have had them a while, we are  glad we picked them so we can spin around to keep an eye on our active toddler who loves to be outside.


 Back Porch- The 2 Seasons

As far as cushions go, we selected a neutral navy.



Back Porch- The 2 Seasons

We have added more color with throw pillows made from outdoor fabrics.



Back Porch -The 2 Seaons

I love having art in an outdoor space and thought this painting of bikes was appropriate since we are a family that loves bicycling. We bought it a few years ago at Home Goods.



Back Porch- The 2 Seasons

And here’s another bike on the porch!  I found it last week while on a Target run, and I thought it was cute.  Little Miss likes to carry it around and say bicycle.



Back Porch - The 2 Seasons

Even though the space is fine, we still plan to add curtains to both ends of the porch and a colorful rug will go under the coffee table.  The one we are using now is an old one  from Ballard’s. We already had a coffee table but wanted one that was a little smaller.  We liked this one to match the wicker.  The shelf on the bottom is a bonus.  Who knew a little shelf under a table would come in so handy?


 Back Porch- The 2 Seasons

Sprinkler time and lemonade have been popular, so I have these fun straws and coasters ready for use.



Back Porch- The 2 Seasons

I love to get a small bouquet of flowers at Trader Joe’s. Little Miss loves flowers and goes around smelling them.



Back Porch- The 2 Seasons

One thing we have noticed is we have a good amount of mosquitoes in our yard.  When we were  buying herbs, another shopper told us about these citronella plants that are in the geranium family.   We loaded up our cart, and I really do think they have helped.  Plus, they smell great.


Back Porch- The 2 Seasons

Thanks for following along as we slowly get our outdoor living space together.  Yankee and I are out there almost every night relaxing after Little Miss goes to bed.  Ahh….. I just love summer.  Next week I’ll be back to show you the eating area.



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  1. Donnamae says

    Oh….it’s the perfect spot to watch Little Miss…and to steal away after she’s asleep! Love the colors too! 😉

  2. Josie says

    Looks great! Love the furniture and the citronella plants – our porch could use a few of those to ward of the mossies. Hope to enjoy that space with you sometime soon!

  3. Kristi says

    Gorgeous! Liz and I want to come back and visit maybe next spring and enjoy that area with you two!

  4. says

    Wow, Jordan! Your porch looks great. I hope you are getting to enjoy it in the horrid heat we have been having.