July 4th in the Kitchen

Celebrating America’s birthday is my second favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is my fave), and both of our children, their spouses, and our first grandchild will be here for the entire week-end.  We have tons of activities planned ranging from Shakespeare in the Park, a 10k race, cook-outs, fireworks, a patriotic concert and picnic, a horse show, and more.  I want the house to look as festive as I feel, and I started out by adding some July 4th vibes in the kitchen.  The items on the rustic shelves, that were installed last summer, change with the seasons, and what better time to pull out the red, white, and blue then now? Mind you, adding decor to shelves is a big challenge for me.  I don’t know the rules, which means I probably break every “decorating shelves rule” out there.  I just add things that I like that look nice to my untrained eyes.


 Rustic kitchen shelves ready for July 4th - The 2 Seasons

I once again shopped the house and pulled together some items that are red, white, or blue.  I know that companies are always trying to get us to buy their latest holiday items, but this is a great example that you, too, probably have all of the items in your own home to change the look for a season or a holiday.


July 4 on the rustic kitchen shelves - The 2 Seasons


The only patriotic item on the shelves is this painting that I did last year.  This year I purchased a black frame for it and added a few coats of navy chalk paint to make it look better.



Rustic kitchen shelves ready for July 4 - The 2 Seasons

This pitcher is an Ikea find, and it sits on a stack of white antique dessert plates.


 Rustic kitchen shelves ready for July 4th - The 2 Seasons

I used the red and white scales on the shelves for Christmas, also and wrote about the story behind them here.  The pitcher, which was a gift from my friend Beth, is by Ralph Lauren.



Rustic kitchen shelves ready for July 4 - The 2 Seasons

I bargained for the blue and white platter with some nomads on a trip to Mongolia.  I bought the red tea kettle in the Netherlands at a street market.  That red fiesta platter was a gift from my friend Missie.



July 4 rustic shelves in kitchen - The 2 Seasons


I like to add a live plant to these shelves.  The green against the rustic wood is a nice pop of nature.  Jordan bought the creamer (similar) for me as a hostess gift.   The tureen is a nice vessel to hold a plant when it’s not serving soup.


July 4 on rustic kitchen shelves - The 2 Seasons

I did this painting two summers ago, and the red works with everything else.  It’s called “Life Is Like….”, thanks to my friend Carolyn who suggested the name for it.



July 4th on rustic kitchen shelves - The 2 Seasons

Well, that’s one area that’s ready for the holiday.  Next up is the foyer.


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Take care.


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  1. Victoria says

    I love the cherry painting, how clever of you! Those pieces look great for 4th of July.

  2. Donnamae says

    Well…I for one am glad you don’t follow any so-called rules. Everything looks great! Loving that Cherries pic you painted too! 😉