A 70th Wedding Anniversary

Today is a special day in our family.  My parents are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.  They married on June 22, 1946 in Cumberland, MD after Daddy came home from fighting in World War II.  He was shot on three occasions  in the war.  After he was healed, he went back to the front line.  Mother and he started writing letters to each other while he was in Europe, and when he returned home, they dated for a while before they became engaged.  When they married, she was 19, and he was 23.

We all know how lucky we are to have active, healthy, and alert parents, and we certainly don’t take it for granted.  Daddy had some health issues this year, but he bounced back after having a major surgery.  My parents live on two acres of land which they kept up themselves until this year when my brother pitched in to help them out.  Mother still has lots of flowers which she tends to daily.  Daddy is a lover of all animals and has a great time watching the birds feast on the feeders he keeps filled for them.  Oh, and I should mention that they still go camping.  How about that?!?


Grandma and Grandad celebrate their 70th anniversary


I will get to see them today.  Mr. Right and I are riding our bicycles from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC this week.  We are meeting my parents today in Cumberland, MD for dinner.  Then I get to spend two days with them before meeting up with Mr. Right in Harper’s Ferry, WV.  We will finish our ride into Washington on Saturday evening and will spend some time there with our son and his wife.  This will be the fifth year that we have done this ride, but it will be the first time that we have done it in the heat of the summer.  In the past we have ridden the six day trip in the autumn.  You can read about some of our past rides here and here.


Mother and her projects have made appearances here on the blog.  This recipe has been one of our most pinned recipes ever.  You might want to save it for your July 4th cook-outs.  She has made several dresses for Little Miss and a few darling aprons.  She also made a few dresses that she smocked.  They are sooo cute.


So, Mother and Daddy, have a wonderful day, and we will see you this evening.


Take care.




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