Some Products We Like

Last week when I was visiting Jordan, she showed a new face mask to me that she loves.  Then I told her about a new mascara and brow product that I am loving.  Almost at the same time, we said we should do a post on them so you can know about them and perhaps love them, too.  We both have Prime memberships on Amazon which means we get free shipping no matter how much we spend.  That’s why you see a lot of links to Amazon’s site when we are mentioning items that we use in various blog posts. This is NOT a sponsored post.  We just love these products.

The two items that I want you to know about are

Screen shot of physicians formula from Amazon

I first heard about it when I was listening to Hoda Kotb’s talk show in my car, and as soon as I arrived home, I ordered it. Physicians Formula mascara creates long and lush eye lashes through a simple two-step process.  I first coat my lashes with the mascara, then follow up with an application of the fibers that are in a second tube.  These fibers make lashes look longer and thicker.  Finally, I add another coat of mascara to keep the fibers from “shedding.”  There’s another similar product on the market that is twice the price of this one.)  I took a before and after photo to show you the difference it made in my lashes but decided you didn’t need to see my eye balls looking out at you.



Screen shot of Wunderbrow from Amazon


The second product I want to tell y’all about is Wunderbrow.  As we age, our brows get thin and sparse.  This brow product makes my brows look as if I have more than I do.  There are several color choices.  I apply a thin coat of the brow product, and then I use the wand, that resembles a mascara wand, to even everything out.


Now it’s Jordan’s turn…..



Clay Mask

Somehow, somewhere I found out about this mask.  Wow! I have really enjoyed using it weekly, and my skin feels great afterwards.  This will last you a long, long time.  I mix a little of the clay mask with some apple cider vinegar according to the directions and let it sit on my face.  It dries on my face, and then I remove it and moisturize.  It is a great deal that works for me.



Airbrush Legs

I have always seen this product and was curious about if it really worked or not.  Now that I am a stay-at-home mom and wearing shorts more often, I needed to add some color to my legs.   After just one application, I ordered another tube to make sure I always have some on hand.  It is easier to use than a self tanner, and it just gives my legs a smooth looking finish as if I am  wearing hose.  I have tried the spray-on and the lotion, and I prefer the lotion. That is just my preference.  This is my new favorite product for summer.


Happy shopping!


Take care.


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