A Tour of Our Guest Room

I had time to get this post together during nap time thanks to Mom taking the photos last week.  I realized after typing the headline that the word tour might make our guest room sound grander than it is.  The guest room is the smallest bedroom in the house, and we put it together with a hodgepodge of furniture.  However, it has turned out to be an attractive, cozy, and inviting space for our guests.  If they get a good night’s sleep, then we have done our job.  Right?

 Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons


The previous owners used this room as a toddler boy’s bedroom, and it was painted a bright blue.  So, after painting the rest of our house, I tackled this room last and painted  it Whipped Mint by Behr.  It’s really a softer color than the way it is looking in the photos, but the afternoon sun that was pouring in makes it look bright.  The room is so small that we decided using two twin beds would be better than one queen size bed.  If we have two guests who really don’t want to share a bed, then that problem is solved.  Also, twin beds make it easier to move about in the space.


 Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons

I really wanted a room that wasn’t too matchy, matchy.  I bought a black and white rug from Ikea that really has nothing to do with any other colors in the room, but it serves as a perfect backdrop for my blending of colors.  When Mom was visiting last week, we found two very solid twin headboards at the Restore.  I am going to paint them black and will be sure to show you when they’re finished.



Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons

I wanted to use two quilts that I have.  One was made by my great grandmother on my father’s side of the family.


 Guest room - The 2 Seasons

This one was made by my grandmother.  She made one for all of her grandchildren.


 Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons

Since the quilts seem to have every color in the rainbow in them, using plenty of colors was easy.  The stripes in these pillows pick up on the color theme.  They make it okay to mix an red mirror with orange and white sheets, blue walls, and a black rug.



Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons

These sheets are so cute with everything else.


Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons

And I love the way they look with these adorable pillow cases that my grandmother (the one who made the quilt) embroidered for me.  One pillow case says Good Night, and one says Good Morning.


Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons

On the other side of the room, we used a chest of drawers that I bought in Syracuse.  It was brand new but was missing a few knobs.  A thrift store had it, and they were having a fifty per cent off sale the day we spotted it.  Score!!!




This sweet desk was a Syracuse find that I painted with some left over paint when we lived there.  It is the perfect size to be a night stand for both of the beds.   It was a total accident that it matches the wall.  To see how I created the art, go here.



Jordan's guest room before - The 2 Seasons

So, our little guest room went from this……..


 Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons

……to this.  We and our guests are liking it just fine.






  1. says

    Such a beautiful guest room…and love the fact that you included the gorgeous heirloom quilts made by your grandmother and great grandmother…makes the room so very special….and love the bold black and white rug! Have fun with that beautiful girl of yours!

  2. kathy says

    I love the heirloom quilts and that sweet, little desk. I have a similar table painted the same color. I was going to sell it but your post makes me want to keep it.