Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

This will be Yankee’s first Father’s Day, and I want to make it special, and I especially want his first gift from Little Miss to be something he will always remember.  I will have to help her out in the selecting, purchasing, and wrapping department, but that’s what it’s all about.  Right?  I have been spending some time during her naps browsing the internet and have found some great Father’s Day gift suggestions.  Yankee already owns and loves some of them, and I know he would like any of the other items I picked out.  Maybe you will find one of them that you would like to give.

Screen shot from Quillan Leather & Tack

This company is owned by the family of one of my high school classmates, and they have equestrian-influenced belts, luggage tags, and key chains, along with lots of other items,  that would be a perfect Father’s Day gift.  The great thing about them is that they can be personalized.  Kentucky thoroughbreds all wear personalized halters.  Yankee has a belt, and now I’m thinking he might need a key chain.



Screen shot from Amazon

Bourbon has taken the country by a storm.  This book tells its history, how it’s made, and more.



Screen shot from Amazon

Yankee really enjoys his morning shower.  This soap would make it even better.



Screen shot from Amazon


One of Yankee’s many interests is wine tasting.  We have this aerator, and it really does make a difference in the way a bottle of wine tastes.


Screen shot from Amazon

Yankee has a new gas grill that he is really enjoying.  A digital thermometer would come in handy when he is trying to determine if the meat is done.



Screen shot from Amazon


We already own an Amazon Echo, and we use it countless times every single day.  I highly recommend it as a wonderful gift for a tech savvy man.



Screen shot from Nordstrom's


Cool socks are all the rage for the well-dressed man.  Nordstrom’s has a great selection in all styles and colors.



Screen shot from Porter and Hazel


If you need to purchase something for a dad who travels for business or pleasure, then he will love these leather luggage tags.


We think any man no matter his age or tastes would love to have any gift from our selection.  Happy shopping!




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