Little Miss Update- One Month Home

Hi everyone. I hope to get back to blogging more, but I am still trying to figure out the balancing act and spending as much time as I can with our little lady. Nap time has not been that long, and she is an early riser.  I can’t believe today has been one month since we have been home, so, I thought I would fill you in.  I hope to give an update every month for those of you who are interested.  If it’s not your thing, that’s okay.

It has been a slow attachment process, but we are making progress everyday.  Since Little Miss was in a foster home and VERY attached to her foster mother, it is taking time for her to open up and feel comfortable with us and her new home.  She has warmed up to me, but it is taking a little longer with Yankee.  We knew this might happen since she was not around men in her foster environment.  We also knew that she might attach to one parent more in the beginning, and that has been me.  We play games and make things fun anytime Yankee is around so slowly she is warming up to him and starting to become curious and wanting to be around him.  We have to remind ourselves that she has only been with us a short time and was in her other home for a lot longer.  While we wish it would happen overnight we know it takes time.  We have read lots of books that prepared us for this, and they have been very helpful.  I’ll list the books at the end that I highly recommend if anyone is interested.  The first year is spent  showing tons of  love and letting your child know you are there for them and will not leave. We can catch up on other things later.


Little Miss is now a fan of Gracie when she wants to be.  Last week she just discovered dropping food and feeding her, so now Gracie is a huge fan of Little Miss.  They both like to chase each other around the house, and our house becomes complete chaos at that time and I love it!  She tries to say Gracie’s name but usually calls her dog.


Little Miss loves the outdoors, so we try to spend a lot of our day outside.  She has a soccer ball she enjoys kicking around the yard.  We were not sure about the sprinkler, but she giggles and enjoys running around and cooling off on these hot summer days. We tried to make it to the playground at the park in our neighborhood daily.  This is where I enjoy seeing the progress.  For the first week we just went, and she only wanted me to hold her while we walked around.  Then one day she wanted down,and she walked around observing.  By week two she was more comfortable on some of the playground equipment, and now she is doing the slides by herself and got in the bucket swing yesterday!



International Adoption


While she loves the outdoors, Little Miss is also really girly.  She loves wearing dresses and spinning so she can twirl.  Hair bows have been a daily occurrence as well as finding my high heels in my closet and wearing them all around the house.  She has a little  Leapfrog that she carries around, and it looks as if she is ready to go to work.

Everyone asks about her language, and it has been fascinating to see how she is understanding English so quickly.  We knew she would be a sponge and soak it up, but wow!  She has said a lot of English words, but she understands even more.  We know a few Thai words that she continues to use so that has helped in some of the communication.  We sent photos and a letter to the foster mother last week to let her know that Little Miss has made it home to the United States, and she is settling in.  We will continue to stay in touch with her foster mother and send photos and letters.


Here are some recommended adoption books. We had many recommended to us, but these were our favorites. If you have any questions, just let me know.


The Connected Child


The Connected Child



The Complete Book of International Adoption

The Complete Book of International Adoption


Parenting your internationally adopted Child

Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child



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  1. Karen says

    So happy for you and Yankee. Little Miss has been blessed with an amazing family! Looking forward to your monthly updates.

  2. says

    Great to read an update, and I can’t believe it’s been a month already! It sounds like she is adjusting very well. Take all of the time you need to adjust with your little one, because nothing is more important than that!

  3. Cathy says

    This is an incredible adjustment for all of you! Just as any new parents feel uncertainty and shaky confidence, you, Yankee and Little Miss will find your way. Your love for your daughter will find its way into her heart and her trust in you will grow every day. I treasure each of your posts about this journey. God bless you all.

  4. Beth Lowe says

    Your doing and exceptional job. I know everyday you and Yankee will help your Little Miss feel safe, loved and secure. You have been preparing your whole life for this time, realist it!

  5. Mary says

    Wow. One month already! Sounds like all of you are adjusting and making progress each day. Including Gracie. You both are doing a great job. I bet you will be able to write your own best seller soon!!!

  6. Donnamae says

    I am thrilled for you that Little Miss is adjusting so well. You continue to take all the time you need to nurture your little one…family always comes first! 😉

  7. Jan Smith says

    What a wonderful gift you and your child have received from the universe. I loved the picture you posted with the opened EMPTY box.

    I see the box as the sturdy creation of the foster mother and family. They gave little Miss her wonderful start in life, built on love. Because of them, she developed a sense of well-being.

    You, Yankee, the extended family, and Little Miss are now filling that open box with lovely experiences and will continue to do so throughout her life.

    I love your gratitude and respect for the foster mother and family.

  8. Diane says

    I’m very excited to hear the bonding process is going well. I am one that looks forward to updates on Little Miss! Please continue to share.

  9. kathy says

    I continue to think how blessed Little Miss is. Thank you for the update, She looks precious!

  10. Wendy Johnson says

    My 3 yr old grand-daughter has that music box, it was a hand me down from her 20 yr old aunt {a different dtr] How fast they grow. Glad to hear the slow transition is going well. I will be looking forward to your monthly update and the day we see her sweet face and name.

  11. Patty says

    How wonderful for all three of you. I LOVE the purple polish on her little toes. I gave birth to 3 sons and so wanted a daughter. You have to remember this was a long, long, long time ago – our baby is almost 34 – and there was so much involved and so MUCH money we just couldn’t afford to adopt. I regret that we didn’t do it. Enjoy that little angel and remember God makes them adorable when they are young so you won’t kill them when they are in their teens.

  12. Katherine says

    I will be eagerly awaiting the monthly updates! I have close friends that adopted two children from Columbia, South America. Their kids are now both in college and they are a happy family of four. I’m very happy for you that all is going so well!