Changing Table to Potting Bench – Revisited

Happy June, everyone.  Today we are going to revisit one of my favorite projects ever.  When we lived in Syracuse, I turned a baby’s changing table into an adorable bar.  Then last summer I changed it once again when it went from the bar to a very functional potting bench.  Unfortunately, it didn’t make the move to Charlotte with us, but it was a great project that I enjoyed making and using.  Enjoy the revisit…..

I love a good recycle project, and I wanted to share my latest one with you. A few summers ago I bought a baby changing table from Craigslist and turned it into a cool summer bar for our back porch. At the end of last season I did some rearranging when we bought some new porch furniture and didn’t have room for the bar. I thought about just selling it again, but then I came up with a great plan. I decided the baby changing table that became a bar could become a great potting bench.



Baby Table Turned Bar

Over the winter the bar made its way down to the basement (with our help) and served as a side table for Yankee’s bicycle trainer. He loaded up the table with water bottles and pedaled away. He is training for a full Iron Man competition this summer. Now that the weather is nice, he is outside and no longer needs the side table. While organizing my shopping list for my planters and window boxes, one thing led to another, and I decided it was time to make the change.

Baby changing table into a potting bench.

Recently I used my kitchen counter to plant some things, and I ended up with dirt in a lot more places than just in the planters and pots. I knew the planter plan would be perfect. The first thing I did was check out the extra paint in my basement, and I found this soft green. After a quick two coats, the table had a new look.


Baby changing table into a potting bench.

I bought some little screw hooks and put them on the sides of the new potting bench. They are great for storing my shovel, gloves or anything else I want to hang.


Changing table turned into a potting bench

When I planted my window boxes, everything worked so much better. The table’s height is tall enough that I no longer had to lean over. The day that I did my plantings this year, the weather was really nice. I took the new potting bench outside and set up shop in front of our garage. It is now stored in the garage, but it works great in there as well. I was even able to fill planters and stay dry while it drizzled outside.



Baby changing table turned into a potting bench

I used a small container from a dollar store to hold the soil. It was easier to work with than dealing with a whole bag of potting soil. Last year my mom introduced me to the quick start miracle grow, and I was so impressed with it that I decided to get some plant food for my other plants. Unfortunately for our shrubs, this year is the first time I have ever fed them.



Changing table before and after

This has turned out to be another successful recycle project, and one that has already gotten lots of use.


Changing table turned potting bench



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