Round Accent Tables in Home Decor

I am still plugging away on getting the look and vibe that I been dreaming about for our courtyard seating area.  My latest addition to the mix opened my eyes to the wonderful uses and looks of round accent tables in home decor.  The table that I am using as a coffee table/small bistro table was a purchase I made last summer.  It was originally white, but after using a  half can of semi-gloss black spray paint on it, it has become the perfect little “conversation table” for the time being.  My goal is to get a rectangular table with a black bottom and a stainless steel or honed marble top.  And when that happens, my round table will move to the side of the bench and become an end table.

 Courtyard accent table - The 2 Seasons

Courtyard accent table - The 2 Seasons

I love the French vibe this table has going for it, and that also fits into my vision.



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This is the inspirations look I am going for.  The French love small tables.  Although my little table is certainly too small to serve as a bistro table for four, we have plenty of space for four beverages.


Screen shot from Classic, Casual Home


I did a little research and found some other great looks for round accent tables.  This accent table in its black finish is slightly larger, but using it between the two chairs softens the harsh lines of the corner.


Screen shot from Pinterest via Homebunch


This galley kitchen couldn’t handle a table much bigger than this bistro/accent table.


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This accent table serves as a night stand.



Accent Tables 1————————————–2————————————-3


 We found three cute accent tables that would work in practically any setting.  Maybe one of them would work in your home, too.  (Just click the number for the link.) Later this week, I’ll show you what I did with another accent table.  It is in our kitchen.


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