A Painting of My House

A few years ago, Mom made a special request for her Christmas gift.  She asked for a painting of one of the houses we lived in when my brother and I were growing up.  Our family lived in three different houses before my parents down-sized to their townhouse, and she had paintings of just two of the three.  I found an artist on Etsy and she created a wonderful life-like oil painting using just two photographs that my mom had taken.


House Painting - The 2 Seasons

The house was a sprawling Cape Cod that was on ten acres in the country, and we have great memories of it.  It was so nice to see it on canvas.  We all were impressed with the great job artist Sharon Lamb did from just the photos.



House painting - The  2 Seasons

Mom added it to her gallery wall where the other two houses were also hanging.  Our house in the burbs is the sketch to the right.   Well, for my birthday my mom reached out to Sharon and had her paint a picture of our home in Syracuse.  I sent a few pictures, and I was thrilled with the finished product.



House Painting

The photos I sent were taken when our window boxes were at their prime which happened to be right when we put the house on the market.



House Painting 3

I hung it on our gallery wall that I started in our upstairs hallway.  A lot of the things are from our previous gallery wall except now we have photos of Little Miss, too.  Sorry, but I can’t show you.


House Painted

I think this beautiful painting is a wonderful addition to our gallery.  It was a great home, and I love that we will always have this painting as a reminder.  If you are ever in a bind about what to buy for someone, a painting of their house might be a perfect gift – especially if that someone already has everything and is hard to buy for.  Sharon is busy and often has a waiting list.  It might be a good idea to get on it now so that you will have the painting back in time to give to the recipient.





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