Dining Room Reveal

I hope you are not sick of my dining room, but I wanted to show you one last change we have for now.  Yes, I still want to get new chairs, but we have opted to get patio furniture first.  You know those things called priorities?  Since the chairs in this room still work, they will have to do for a little while longer.  So, here is our final dining room reveal………for now.


Dining Room

We have a new to us rug!  My parents have had this authentic Persian rug for a long time, but for the past few years, it was packed away in their basement.  I think every time I came home my mom asked if I wanted the rug.  I kept saying no as I thought the navy blue was too intense for me.  I thought about it for a while, and one day on one of her calls, I said I wanted to give it a trial run.



Dining room rug

Since I was concerned with the intensity of the rug’s color, we flipped it over.  That is a common practice in Europe, especially when they are having a party or in the summer.   Flipping to the reverse side  does tone it down and makes it look more like a kilim rug.  Doing that made all the difference, and I decided to use the rug.  She has one more like it that just might end up in another room.



Dining Room Rug

It adds some character to the room, but I feel the white chairs and informal table help tone it down and still keep the room young and fresh.



Dining Room

On the other side of the room I have some more framed botanicals and I just love, love, love the plantation shutters.  They were our first big purchase for this new house.  They were an investment but will be with us as long as we are here, which we hope is a lifetime.



Dining Room

When you walk in the house, you are in the dining room.   We have this colorful table on the left of the entry door.  It was in the stairway landing of our Syracuse house, but it fits perfectly in this spot.  It picks up some colors in the rug and having the lamp on at night adds a nice ambiance.



Dining Room

The horse statue was purchased for a Derby party we hosted in Syracuse, but I kinda like him there.  He has been moved all around the house.  I found a similar one.



Dining Room

This is how our dining room currently looks, and the corner now houses Little Miss’s high chair.  If you want to read about the silver platters on the wall, check out this post.  They are a little bit tarnished right now, and I really like that look.  We have several more to hang, but I think for now I will walk away from the dining room and work on another room.  I really enjoy this room, and we use it daily.  I know it will continue to be a great place for our family dinners for our family of three!




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  1. Sandy says

    What a great idea to flip the rug! I never would have thought of it, and I Love the colors! The dining room is looking great, and that little high chair adds some special charm. Lovely!