Our Cocktail Porch

A Note from Janette


Before we start today’s post, I just want to let you all know that Wednesday is the day that Jordan and Yankee will meet Little Miss.  In fact, Bangkok is 11 hours ahead of us, so it will all go down while we are sleeping.  She hopes to write an update for you from Bangkok that we will publish next Monday.  Meanwhile, I am about to burst!  Now on to the post that Jordan wrote before she left.


We have a small porch beside my office, and my mom told me one day that she had heard a small porch like that was called a cocktail porch.   We love the sound of that, so we have started using it as our cocktail porch.  However, at first our cocktail porch wasn’t really a place you wanted to have a cocktail.  We had a small hand-me-down bistro table there that wasn’t very comfortable.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was cute, but it just wasn’t comfortable.


Syracuse Porch

 (Our Syracuse back porch)

I loved the look of the bistro set shown here on our Syracuse porch, but we decided to move it upstairs to the balcony off of our master bedroom. (If you’ve been counting, than by now you have figured out that we have a front porch, a back porch, a cocktail porch, and a second-floor balcony.   Yankee happened to be with me the other day when we were looking and trying out patio furniture at World Market, and he really liked their bistro sets.



Square Cadiz Outdoor Bistro Table

The color of the mosaic detail on the top was very pretty, but we figured the chairs wouldn’t be comfortable.



Square Cadiz Outdoor Bistro Table

Luckily, we were wrong.  The chairs are pretty comfortable, but they do need a cushion. They had multiple colors, and we decided have some fun and choose the table with the colored chairs.  I can always paint them. 🙂 The table is the Cadiz Square, and FYI it is heavy.



Cocktail Porch

Even though we call it our cocktail porch, I do move outside and do some work from this porch.



Cocktail Porch

I am still a paper gal for my to-do lists, and I love my notebook from Dixie Delight’s Etsy Shop!



Cocktail Porch

Sometimes Gracie comes out to be with me.  She is usually just keeping an eye on the squirrels.



Cocktail Porch

But when the clock hits five or when Yankee comes home, we pull out the cocktail napkins and turn the porch back into a cocktail porch.  We both realize these peaceful moments will probably disappear once Little Miss is on the scene.



Cocktail Porch


Cocktail Porch

The perfect spot for a cocktail.



Cocktail Porch

We already decided when Little Miss is home, this might be good place for an at-home date night once she goes to bed.  Have you ever heard of the term cocktail porch?




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  1. polly says

    We all(your readers)CANNOT WAIT to see photos and hear the story of you and Yankee
    meeting your little girl!!!

  2. kathy says

    I have not heard of a cocktail porch but I love the name and I want one…a cocktail and a cocktail porch! I am so, so excited for you to be finally meeting your Little Miss! And, Janette, I am sure you are over-the-moon happy!

  3. kathy says

    Oh, and I have that Dixie Delights notebook. I write sayings in it to eventually put on chalkboards. I love that notebook! Your cocktail porch and the furniture you chose are perfect!

  4. Marian says

    Exciting time for your family! Love it all, the porch the set, the concept. Please share where you found the pretty cocktail napkins.

    • says

      Marian, my parents gave us a custom monogram as an engagement gift. A family friend used the monogram for the cocktail napkins. I’m not sure where she bought them, but they are linen. You can probably google linen cocktail napkins and find some that are similar.