Spring Porch Decorating

I have decided from here on out that I always need a porch in my life.  Plus, it is so cool that people down here are always using their porches.  It creates a great community feel in our neighborhood. Mom and I recently became monthly contributors to Angie’s List Blogger Program. Our first article was about front porch decorating.


Jordan's house - The 2 Seasons

I like to always show what our house looked like when we bought it.  We think it is adorable, but the two tall bushes were hiding the porch.  It only took twenty minutes for me to go out one afternoon and remove those bushes, roots and all.  I want to replace them with something smaller and add more color with flowers, but that won’t be happening till we return home from our adoption trip to Thailand.



Spring Porch Decorating

Once the bushes were gone, we added rocking chairs.  Thankfully, the bushes weren’t there to obstruct our view.  We also added these cool house numbers.  They have a modern vibe that I love.



Front Porch Decorating

A garden stool, outdoor rug, and pillows added a nice touch to the porch.  If you want to read more about spring porch decorating, be sure to check out our article.



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  1. Terri says

    Just beautiful!!! Who does not love a porch??? Especially this time of year….. I will be checking out the Angie’s List Bloggers Program… never heard of this …. headed over to read your article!!! Have a blessed day!!!!!!!

    • says


      The Angie’s List Bloggers program is new and they have some great articles. We are excited to share are next article with y’all soon.


  2. Donnamae says

    Wow…what a difference, once you removed those bushes! I want to sit right down on your porch and rock an afternoon away! Safe travels this weekend! 😉

    • says


      I know huge difference removing the bushes. We have really enjoyed rocking on the porch and we might need to get a rocking chair for Little Miss!


  3. Cheryl Ann says

    Nicely done Jordan…Little Miss definitely needs a little rocker and I predict the next pic will show one.