New/Old Buffet in the Dining Room

I have talked before about my love for my dining room.  I am slowly making changes, and I have another one to share with you today.  When we sold our last house, we sold some of our furniture to the new owners.  One thing they were interested in was the hutch that mom and I painted.  It was our first chalk paint project, and we were so proud of it. I didn’t want to sell it because I thought it would be great in my new dining room.

Dining room- Charlotte


Once it was set up in our new place, the hutch just wasn’t doing it for me.  I tried to figure out if there was another room where I could put it, and I wasn’t coming up with anything, so I just sold it on Craigslist.  The dining room has very tall ceilings and a long wall that needed a buffet rather than a hutch.  I also needed an extra surface to use when we are entertaining. And by the way, if you would like to see the light we bought to replace the one in the photo, you can read that blog post here.  To read about the silver trays on the wall, go here.



Buffet in Dining Room

When I was in DC visiting my brother and sister-in-law over Thanksgiving, they told me that they were getting rid of their buffet. They wanted to know if we would like it for our new dining room.  Ahh…. yes, please!  We weren’t prepared to bring it home with us then, but we recently picked it up.  Plus, just to be sure it would fit, I wanted to measure first.



Buffet in Dining Room

When we went to Iceland, we flew out of the BWI airport, and we brought the buffet home with us after that trip.  Our dog Gracie was happy about it.  Since the buffet took up all of the space in the back, she sat beside me in the front seat on the way home.



Buffet in Dining Room

The curves, the style and even the wood color are just what I was looking for.  Yankee is shocked that I am not going to paint this piece of furniture.  Never say, never, but I am enjoying the wood look.  I originally thought I would do some colorful lamps. However, I found these lamps at World Market and loved the style, the texture, and the vibe they give to the wood piece.  You can mix and match their shades, and these had a tad of color so I opted for these shades.



Buffet in Dining Room

My smaller Amazon dough bowl works great filled with lemons for this time of year. I like to rotate items on my dough bowls according to the seasons.



Buffet in Dining Room

The botanical prints were from this book, and I ended up framing them.  The book has a huge selection of great botanicals and colors.



Buffet in Dining Room

 The mirror was actually in our bedroom, and I moved it to this space.  It works for now, but I have been on the search for something with more pizazz.




Gracie is giving you a sneak peak of what else has changed in this room.  Stayed tuned for more updates in our dining room.



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  1. Ren says

    Your dining room is beautiful and so fresh looking! I clicked back several posts and found the one you did on your new Charlotte home. I live in Charlotte too and am 99.9% sure your home is one I have often admired when walking in the neighborhood where my son and his family live! They bought a tiny house, tore it down and rebuilt. The neighborhood is great. Hope you are enjoying Charlotte.

    • says

      Yes, Rene, we love Charlotte. Unfortunately, I have been so busy painting that we haven’t done a lot of the social part yet, however we love the neighborhood!!