Spring in the Guest Room

With just a few small changes, the guest room has received a new, fresh look for spring and summer.  All it took was paint on a night stand, some new pillows, and a new bedspread.

Spring in the Guest Room - The 2 Seasons


I don’t have anything pink in the house, but I have never met a buffalo check that I didn’t love.  The bottom line is that it would be in every room in the house if I could possibly get away with it.  When I saw some pink checked pillow covers at IKEA, I knew they could ease into the guest room and not upset the color scheme we use in our entire house.  The secret to making an IKEA pillow cover look good is to use nice down pillow inserts like these to really give it some fluff.  I pulled out a navy check pillow that I made last summer and used the navy squares that were already on the bed along with the new purchases.



Spring in the Guest Room - The 2 Seasons

On the same day that my friend Mary and I went to IKEA, we also stopped in at the Ballard Design outlet next door.  I spotted a lone square leopard pillow and bought it, too.  Since leopard is known as a great neutral, I knew that’s all it would take to put a fresh spin on the room………


Spring in the Guest Room - The 2 Seasons

Well……almost.  I picked up a light cotton bedspread, too.   I didn’t even bother to iron it.  I put it on the bed, smoothed out the wrinkles with my hands as much as I could, and called it a day.


Now, the room is ready for guests, and I’m ready for them, too.


Take care.


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  1. says

    Hi Janette, I appreciate the words you shared in your this amazing post about Guest Room. Guest Room always be a specially room in each home, Where just special guest be & enjoy the experience of home!

  2. Maureen McCroskey says

    I love everything about this guest bedroom starting with the buffalo checked pillows on the clean white bedspread. You always pull things together so nicely. Well done again!