Back Porch Decorating

One great thing about moving to the South was that we bought a house with a lot of porches.  I was thrilled to have a front porch!  However, our house not only has a front porch, but it also has a cocktail porch, a back porch, and a rendevous off of the master bedroom.  Our realtor told us the back porch will really be an extension of our living room, and I am now realizing that she was right.  However, we sold our patio table and chairs before we moved because we knew the size and shape just weren’t right.  Now buying new furniture that will work in the space we have is a priority so that we can get started on our back porch decorating.


Outside back- before

This is how our back porch looked when were house shopping last fall, and it was one of the features we loved.  It is really long, and the roof provides much-needed protection from the southern sun.  That will be nice for those hot summer days.  Currently it is covered in pollen, and I think we are not alone in that battle.  We might not be spending a lot of time on it right now, but the pollen hasn’t stopped us from planning what we are going to do to the space.  As much as I would love to add a fireplace, that won’t be happening anytime soon because we have some other things going on.  A girl can dream, though.


Looking at the space, I visualize having two areas – a dining area and a sitting area.  We have French doors on the right leading from our bonus room and a French door on the left from the great room.  I don’t want to block either of them.  I was reading Emily A Clark one day, and she posted these pictures. They were exactly what I was visualizing in my head.



Outdoor table


This table would be perfect for our long porch.  We ate outside on our patio as much as we could in Syracuse, so I know we will do the same here.  The porch can handle a really long table.  I finally found one that I love and will work in our space.

World Market


The table is a nice long table that will fill that space nicely, and the benches will hold a lot of friends and family and tuck under the table when not in use.  Yankee and I thought it would be nice to have two chairs on the ends and these are paired with the table but we are not 100% sure we will go with those.  I really wish I could sit on them first.  Do you get nervous about buying furniture with out giving it a “test drive?”  Hopefully, it will end up in the store soon.




(southern living)

For the other side of the porch I am loving this set up for a conversation area.  Due to the French doors and openness of the porch, I think four individual chairs will work better than a sofa.  Again we are looking for comfort and durability.

Wicker Chair

We happened to be in Home Depot the other day, and I liked the look of these wicker chairs . I sat down, and wow, they were super comfy.  Yankee plopped down in another one, and we were hooked.  Since we are both tall, these were very comfortable, and they had multiple fabric options to chose from.  I just need to do some measuring to make sure I can get four of these bad boys on my porch.  Another thing my inspiration photo has is some outdoor curtains.  I think these would work great on our porch and actually provide a shield from the sun.


So, there you go.    Stay tuned to see how it all turns out.




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  1. kathy says

    Pretty! I don’t know why I can’t think of something like using four chairs instead of a sofa and two chairs. Lol! Porches, decks, and patios make wonderful happy places! Can’t wait to see your finished areas!

    • says


      The chairs are super comfy now making sure they will fit and not be too big. Time to break out the tape measure.


  2. Wendy Johnson says

    Beautiful yard, perfect for little miss. And what a problem to have, too many porches…

    • says


      The backyard we fell in love with when we were looking at houses and could picture little miss playing. I know #firstworldproblem having so many porches!


  3. Joanne says

    Where did the 4 small wicker chairs come from? They look like they would be great in our living room, using only 2. We have a small living room and these look great. Love your ideas!

    • says


      The small wicker chairs are the ones from my inspiration picture so I am not sure where they were purchased. The other brown wicker chairs are from The Home Depot.


  4. says

    I am excited to see this come together! I love a good porch and it’s wonderful that you have so many to use and love! We intentionally added a screened porch on the back of our home because we want an eating and conversation area (sans bugs, thank you much). We ended up finding a like-new patio set on CL for a great price and I’m so excited to start putting the space together. It’s like having an extension of our living area.

    • says


      I like you do love a good porch. We have discussed screening it in but we need to see how the bugs are this summer. I am sure you will get lots of use on your new porch as well.