New Light in the Dining Room

My dining room is slowly coming together.  You would think that this room would not be on the top of the list to finish, but since we use it almost every day, I am concentrating on finishing it first.  Our kitchen is awesome, and we have a great breakfast bar, but since we do not have an eat-in kitchen, we eat our dinner in the dining room every evening.  It was the same way in our last house in Syracuse. Another reason we use our dining room regularly is because I want to use every room in our home.  I don’t just want to pass through a room or be in it only when I’m cleaning.  And the last reason we want it to be completed is because it is the first room guests see when they enter our home.

New House- Before Dining room


I always love seeing the befores, and here is how the house looked when we moved in.



Dining room- Charlotte

This was the shot you saw when we showed you our paint colors. Painting the trim Pure White by Sherwin Williams and the walls Cotton Grey by Behr made a huge difference.  However, the ceiling light was just not our style.


World Market Light

I had my eye on this light in the large size from World Market, but it seems they only had the medium in stock.  After waiting for months for the large to come back in stock, we decided to develop a Plan B.



Dining room light

So, we went back to the internet, and somehow I ended up on Amazon. Surprisingly, they sell lights, too, and we found this one that was very similar in style.  Plus, it had amazing reviews.  It was here in just a matter of days.  I LOVE it, and it really changes the feel and look of the room and makes it truly ours.  Changing light fixtures in a room makes the biggest different, and it is an easy change.  At least Yankee tells me changing the lights are easy.  I want to mention the silver trays on the wall.  We posted about them here, but since they have been on the wall, they have tarnished.  I really like the tarnished look.  I’m not going to let them get black or anything like that, but I do plan to hold off on polishing them on a regular basis.  It adds that patina that we all crave.


Dining room Light

This light is very similar to the dining room light that we left at our house in Syracuse, but this one has more bulbs and puts out more light.  We will eventually add a dimmer switch to have some added atmosphere when we entertain.  Slowly making progress in the room.


Dining room light

Amazon came through for us again. (We bought the chandelier in Little Miss’s room there, too.)  I would give our light a great review as well.  We also added a large plant in the corner to bring in some color and something living. Our fingers are crossed that it stays alive.  Well, I can check the light off the list.  We have added a rug and a buffet and will be sharing those changes soon.


Thanks to all of you who asked us about my grandad.  He came through the surgery but is still in the hospital.  After a couple of rough days and nights, he is feeling better.  Please continue to keep him in you prayers.

Take care.


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  1. Karen says

    Love the light…it changes the whole feel of your dining room. Would you mind sharing some info on your shutters? Dimensions of slats, manufacturer, etc. Thanks!

    • says


      Agree the light changes the whole feel. The shutters are 3.5 inch slats and it was between the 2.5 and this and we were shocked the different in how more lights comes in the 3.5 inch slats. We used Acadia Shutters they are in Charlotte and Atlanta and were wonderful! Cannot praise them enough, but I am not sure of who the actual manufacture was for the shutters. Here is their website. Any other questions please let me know.


  2. Pam says

    Where did you get you chairs? I have trouble because I am short and can’t have chairs where the seat is more than 18″ from the floor.

    • says


      The white chairs and fabric chairs at the end are both from Ikea. I think they still have them, even though we purchased them a few years ago.