Le Bar

I recently had an Etsy shop make a Le Bar decal to put on the mirror in our wet bar area.  I thought it would be fun to add a French touch to the space since there are already some black and white photos of Paris hanging there.

 Coffee bar/drinks bar - The 2 Seasons

The wet bar is one of our favorite parts of this house, and because it is behind closed doors, it’s a well-kept secret until it’s time to use it.



Coffee bar/drinks bar - The 2 Seasons

Whenever we want a cocktail or glass of wine, we open up the bi-fold doors, and everything is right there at our finger tips. Another great feature of having this wet bar is that it keeps guests out of the kitchen when we entertain.  They can get themselves whatever they want to drink, and it frees up the kitchen for cooking.


 Coffee bar/drinks bar - The 2 Seasons

When I added the Le Bar sign, I decided that the space is being under used.  I have seen so many cute coffee stations created by bloggers, and they inspired me to create our own coffee area on the bar.  We are not big coffee drinkers, but we do own a Keurig machine so we can have coffee for visitors.  The nice thing about it is that we can also use it to make tea, soup, hot chocolate, and chai.  It’s so convenient and easy to use.  We actually bought one of the first Keurig machines on the market years ago, and I always set it up in the pantry so people could serve themselves. It was heavy and cumbersome.


 Coffee bar/drinks bar - The 2 Seasons

Recently we bought a new Keurig machine which is smaller, sleeker, and much easier to use than the old one.  I bought a nice black Keurig so it blends in with the honed black granite countertop.  Since the bar has a sink, it’s a convenient place to put the Keurig.  I added cups, cream, napkins, etc., and it’s ready for our family to make their morning coffee when they come for an overnight stay.  The bar has storage underneath so the Keurig can easily be stored away.


 Coffe bar/drinks bar - The 2 Seasons

I love to get double duty out of one space.  Don’t you?  Thanks so much for stopping in and spending part of your day with us.

Take care.


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