Must-have Travel Accessories

When we travel, Mom and I believe in packing light.  Whether we are going away for three weeks or three days, we both just take a carry-on suitcase and a backpack or purse.  The only way this is possible is that we wash our travel clothes in the bathroom sink or send them out to the laundry.  We both have a basic travel wardrobe that will work for a routine trip to a third world country or on the streets of Paris.  By combining that basic wardrobe with the right accessories, we can get a lot of mileage out of it.  When we were on our last trip, we decided that some of the items we were using in Africa would be good necessities to take on a short trip to a town close by, to another state, another country, another continent or another hemisphere.  Since spring break travel is right around the corner, we thought you might enjoy seeing some of the items we always travel with.

We already published this travel tips post in the past, and today we are going to show you some more of our favorites that might make your future travels easier and more organized.



Travel Accessories - The 2 Seasons

First, let’s deal with accessories.  Our rule for jewelry and travel is the famous “less is more” rule.  We don’t travel with anything that is valuable, irreplaceable or sentimental.  In other words, we leave the good stuff at home.  This cute Stella and Dot bracelet (the elephant was appropriate since we were on a safari), along with some pearl earrings and our 2 Seasons necklace are the only jewelry I took with me. Mom wears a similar bracelet when traveling, but hers in silver and has a horseshoe on it.  It’s a way for her to keep her love of Kentucky and its horses with her.  We both had necklaces engraved with our 2 Seasons blog name.  That necklace is often a great start to some good conversations with strangers.  We also both travel with a large scarves that we can use for warmth on the plane but will double as a shawl at our destination.  We also add a few smaller scarves that will provide some color to our basic wardrobes.  Scarves are great because they don’t weigh much or take up any room in luggage.  Plus, they add tons of color to a basic outfit.


Travel accessories - The 2 Seasons

Neither of us would ever go on a trip without this passport case that hangs conveniently around the neck.  It is large enough to hold a passport, credit cards, room key, money, and tissues.  However, it is small enough to tuck under our shirts so no one ever knows it’s there.  If anyone ever pickpockets this baby, then they are very much in our personal space, and we would know it.  And just a little tip for you:  Always hide some money in your shoe, because if your pockets ever are picked, you will at least have some money to hire a cab to get back to your hotel.  And keep a copy of your passport and credit cards somewhere so you could easily get them replaced while on your trip.



Mom loves to use a travel wrist watch that has two dials.  Not only does she know the local time, but the second dial shows her the time at home.  That is convenient if she needs to make a call or send an important message to someone at home.  It will keep her from bothering them in the middle of their night.



Travel accessories - The 2 Seasons

Mom always travels with this fold-up drawstring back pack.  She tucks it into her suitcase, and at her destination, she pulls it out and uses it as her day pack.  It will hold an umbrella, light jacket, hat, sunscreen, and camera.  When it’s time to come home, she folds it up and stuffs it back into her luggage.  It’s also completely washable, which is a major plus.



Travel accessories - The 2 Seasons

Wearing comfortable shoes is a major necessity if you plan to do any walking when you travel.  You won’t catch either of us in a pair of white tennis shoes, but we still want the comfort of athletic shoes.  For day time, we like to wear shoes like these in black or khaki that will blend right in.  For evenings, we usually wear Tom’s in black.


Colombia, SA

(Don’t mind my crazy hair in this photo.) 

As far as our clothes go, we like the Travex brand from Eddie Bauer.  We have the horizon roll up pants in black, dark gray, and khaki and and the infinity button down shirts in all of the colors.  We also have the horizon skort, and I have the Aster knot dress.  Mom also has some shirts by Colombia and a few Chico’s travel skirts.   We also both have quilted jackets (in different colors) that fold into their own pockets. Mine came from Eddie Bauer, and hers came from Lands End.  Miraculously, we don’t ever show up wearing the same thing.  By the way, that little bump you see on her belly is her passport holder.  See how it tucks away so nicely?

A must have list for your next trip.

Now, keep in mind that if we are going to something like a destination wedding or a bunch of Broadway shows and dinners in New York City, we bring our “A” games and dress up a lot more.  However, for the adventure type of traveling that we usually do, these items are definitely in our bags.  We hope these suggestions help you pack for your next trip.  If any of you have questions about what we pack, please send us an email.



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  1. Pondside says

    For the past couple of years I’ve been working at building a travel wardrobe that will take me from work to a cruise to a safari. I’ve been buying pieces from a Vancouver company called Sympli. Every piece does double duty, rolls up in a carry-on and goes from desk to long-haul flight to whatever I can plan. I like the sound of the quilted jacket that folds into its pocket – will have to check out Eddie Bauer.

    • says


      We will have to check out Sympli it sounds like a great travel clothing company. The jacket I love and on our trip to Africa a flight attendant even commented, saying that was exactly what she needed to have in her bag.