Plates Brighten the Great Room Wall

Before Christmas I showed you a photo of the new lamps I purchased for the sideboard in our great room.  After looking at the photos I thought I might need to add some color to the wall and didn’t know if I should paint the lampshades or add some plates to the wall.  I asked you all, and you agreed that something else was needed.

Blue plates brighten the great room wall - The 2 Seasons

When I was browsing in my favorite consignment shop here in Lexington (for you locals, it’s Room Service), I spotted some cute plates and bought them right away.


 Blue plates add color to a neutral wall

When I hung them, I used the method where you draw your plates on paper, and then tape the paper to the wall.  This technique helped me decide where to put the plates before I pounded a nail into the wall.  It was my first time to use that method, and it worked!!!  Every plate went up perfectly, and I didn’t make any unnecessary holes.  Score!!!

 Blue plates add color to a neutral wall. - The 2 Seasons

So, what do you think of the plates on the wall?


Take care.