A Gallery Wall in the Basement

After I painted our foyer recently, I changed around some of the art.  I decided to pass on hanging a gallery wall in that space again.  Since the paint is fresh, I thought it would be nice to freshen up the look a little.  I am enjoying the bare wall a lot.  However, I had quite a few canvases that I had painted in art class and didn’t want to just put them in a closet in my craft room.

 We used orginial oil paintings to make a basement gallery wall -The 2 Seasons

Meanwhile, there was a big, blank wall at the bottom of the basement stairs that needed some personality.  The basement becomes a guest room on occasion, and I really haven’t given it the love that it deserves.  With the arrival of “Little Miss” this year, it will also become a play room at times.  So, I decided to turn the blank wall into a gallery for my own personal art work.


 Gallery wall - The 2 Seasons

I painted that bench a few years ago, and I love the color (Annie Sloan napoleonic blue).  A lot of my art has blues in it, and the colors all work so well together.


 Gallery wall - The 2 Seasons

Now, I am the first to admit that my art is and probably will always be on the amateurish side.  But I paid a lot of money for those art classes, and I think this is a perfect place for my accomplishments.  They aren’t in a closet, but yet they aren’t out in a place for all of the world to see.  Sounds like a good compromise.  Don’t you think???

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    Wonderful! I majored in Art, so I have just a few of my paintings. They’re pretty huge, though, compared to yours. Our house hasn’t got a lot of wall space (big cupboards, don’tcha know), so I compromised by displaying one of them on a vintage wood artist easel!